What Is Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Code Name?

Queen Elizabeth is one of the most interesting people in the entire world. Fans around the globe admire all of the wonderful things that she does on a regular basis, and she has been positively affecting people’s lives for over 60 years.

However, along with being so high-profile comes a certain risk. The queen, as we know, must travel with a security team and take precautionary measures at all times. Not one to take her safety lightly, we can only imagine the protocol that goes on behind palace doors when it comes to the protection of Queen Elizabeth.

It is no secret that the queen has a complex way of doing things. According to Hello Beautiful, she even uses her purse to send signals to her staff, such as if she is ready to end a conversation or if she would like an event to be over within the next five minutes or so.

What many people may not be aware of is that there is actually another secret that is just as intriguing. It turns out that in certain situations, the queen isn’t always known by her name or title: She has a secret code name.

How Queen Elizabeth makes sure she is looked after when traveling

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

When you are the Queen of England, any old regime just won’t do. Even while traveling, her majesty makes sure that she has everything she could possibly need in order to maintain her health as well as her safety.

So, what does she bring? According to Reader’s Digest, the queen never travels without a supply of blood in case of a medical emergency, a personal doctor, up to eight bodyguards, and even her own food and bottled water to ensure that she doesn’t fall ill. 

What security measures does Queen Elizabeth take?

Just about everyone has locks on their doors and maybe even a home security system, but Queen Elizabeth takes it to a whole new level. Observer reports that there are pretty tight security measures at all of the queen’s residences. She always has a large entourage with her at all times, and while some people may assume that this is to ensure that her every need is catered to, it is for her safety as well.

Vogue reports that Queen Elizabeth, along with members of the royal family, have 24-hour security at all times in order to protect them from the dangers of being in the public eye.

Unfortunately, over the years, there have been some incidents that have compromised the queen’s safety. According to The Washington Post, an intruder actually made his way into her majesty’s bedroom while she was asleep, staying for 10 minutes before security arrived.

Luckily, Queen Elizabeth was unharmed. But another similar incident happened years later when someone climbed the walls of Buckingham Palace, attempting to break in when the fast-acting royal security caught him in only four minutes. 

What is Queen Elizabeth’s code name?

With so many protective measures in place, it is really no surprise that the queen has a secret code name. According to Express, security protection officers refer to the monarch simply as “S,” which may stand for Sharon or even Sovereign.

This is used to protect her as well as her privacy, and it is great thing to do, as most world leaders have code names for their safety. There is also a plan in place for her death, with the code being “London Bridge is down.” At the time of the queen’s passing, this is what will be said when the Prime Minister is notified, according to The Guardian. As we can see, the royals go to great lengths to protect themselves, especially Queen Elizabeth.