What is Roger Stone’s Net Worth Today?

Roger Stone Jr. Instagram

Political operative Roger Stone’s lengthy career should have set him up to live comfortably well into his golden years. Stone’s affiliation with the Republican party dates back to the Richard Nixon era and likely involvement in the Watergate scandal.

Stone wore his “dirty trickster” badge proudly, asserting he was never asked to do something technically illegal (but certainly shady). His love for Nixon ran so deep, he had the disgraced president’s face tattooed on his back. “My admiration of [Nixon] has to do with his resilience. The tattoo is a daily reminder that in life when you get knocked down, when things don’t go your way, when you’re defeated, you got to get up and fight again,” he told MSNBC.

Although Celebrity Net Worth reports Stone has a net worth of $5 million, he insists he’s broke, Money reports.

He made a name in the Republican party

Stone worked on Ronald Reagan’s 1980 and 1984 campaigns. He also ran a political lobbying firm with Paul Manafort, according to Time. “Stone, who practices the hardball politics he first learned as an aide to convicted Watergate Co-Conspirator Charles Colson, fancies $400 suits and lawn parties,” according to a 1986 Time article.

In the early 1990s, Stone acted as a political consultant but was fired from being part of Bob Dole’s campaign. During Dole’s run for the presidency, Stone was “responsible for opposition research and ‘bracketing,’ which is the practice of sending spokesmen and hecklers wherever Clinton is headed,” according to Time.

He spent the last few decades floating on the fringe of the political establishment, which was when he latched onto Donald Trump. Stone became Trump’s advisor and seemed to be fascinated with Trump. “There’s a John F. Kennedy-type charisma that’s very hard to put your finger on,” he told Fortune about Trump. “He’s probably the best speaker on the circuit.”

Stone worked for Trump for a number of years. He was instrumental in Trump’s presidential run, even though he was fired during the campaign.

He claims he’s broke

Stone says the Mueller investigation left him broke, Money reports. He was arrested on January 25, 2019, for his part in the interference in the 2016 presidential election. Stone was indicted on counts that include obstruction, lying to investigators, and witness tampering related to his contacts with the Trump campaign about WikiLeaks, according to Heavy.

Stone created an online fundraising site to help him fight what he claims to be bogus charges. He insists he is being framed. Attacks are meant, “To silence Roger and destroy him and his family, the Clinton/Obama DNC and their sore loser supporters are suing Roger because they lost the election.”

Stone’s legal bills appear to be on the rise. Between the Mueller investigation and other legal fees, Stone owes more than $2 million. In addition to his fundraising site, Stone began to sell autographed “stones.” Available on Stone’s website, fans can purchase a special “Roger” stone for $10.  Fans can also choose from one of Stone’s books (some editions signed), t-shirts and posters.