What Is Simon Cowell Doing Now?

Simon Cowell is winning, there’s no doubt about it. The former American Idol judge has created a career that anyone would be proud of, and has been attached to the biggest reality competition shows in the world.

Cowell is known for his grumpy, often sarcastic demeanor while judging, but in recent years, after the birth of his son, he has admitted to softening up just a bit.

Read on to learn where Simon Cowell got his start, his multiple successes on television and the music industry, and how his personal life is doing.

Simon Cowell was an original ‘American Idol’ judge

Simon Cowell on the red carpet
Simon Cowell | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Simon Cowell was born in London in 1959. After working a series of odd jobs after high school, he set his sights on a career in the music publishing business. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Cowell worked his way up the ladder in the music publishing business, working with many different artists and discovering what properties contributed to the success or failure of an act.

In 2002, Cowell joined the judging panel in the very first season of American Idol. Cowell quickly became known for his direct, often rude-seeming comments and critiques.

His fellow judges, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, were a good deal softer in their approach to judging the contestants, but Cowell still became a fan favorite, and the demeanor of the snarky judge entered pop culture history. Cowell was a firm fixture on the show until 2010 when he departed American Idol for good.

Cowell later admitted that one of the reasons why he left was because of the age restrictions placed on contestants. Cowell didn’t agree with only allowing contestants within a certain age range to appear on the show.

Simon Cowell’s successes after ‘Idol’

After he left Idol, Cowell didn’t exactly sit around, basking in his success. Several years after he left the show that made him famous, he became a judge on The X Factor, a highly popular competition show that has spawned multiple variations all around the world.

Following the success of The X Factor, Cowell and some business partners developed a brand-new type of competition show that was open to anyone, regardless of age or talent type. America’s Got Talent debuted in 2006 and was an instant hit.

Currently, audiences can catch Cowell on America’s Got Talent as well as the sister show Britain’s Got Talent. In addition to his successes on television, Cowell has also built a successful relationship (albeit one with a rocky start) and is raising a young son. Cowell has been a solid presence for audiences since 2002 and shows no signs of going anywhere — he was even awarded a star on the Walk of Fame in August 2018. 

Simon Cowell’s rocky romantic history

For years, Simon Cowell was one of the most eligible bachelors in entertainment and had developed a reputation as a playboy. Still, in 2009, Cowell found his one true love. There was only one problem – she was married to someone else.

Cowell and socialite Lauren Silverman started dating in spite of the fact that she was married, and their affair became public knowledge in 2013 when Silverman revealed that she was pregnant with Cowell’s child. 

Silverman divorced her husband and gave birth to her and Cowell’s son, Eric, in February 2014. In spite of the controversial start to their relationship, Cowell and Silverman seem very happy together, although the two have still not tied the knot. Cowell has become a doting father to their son and has admitted that fatherhood has softened him up a great deal. 

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