What Is the Fourth Jonas Brother Up To?

Everyone remembers the Jonas Brothers from the early 2000’s. Nick, Joe, and Kevin had their faces plastered on the walls of teenagers all over the globe, and the world mourned their 2013 breakup. Many may also remember their adorable little brother, Frankie Jonas. Dubbed the “Bonus Jonas,” Frankie is considerably younger than his older brothers. Nick, the youngest of the “older brothers” is eight years older than Frankie.

Frankie, in all his childlike adorableness, often posed for images with his older siblings… and he has always been their number one fan. He still is, as is evident in a video he posted dancing to his brother’s new song Sucker. But little Frankie Jonas isn’t a little kid anymore. He recently turned eighteen, and has been pursuing his own career. So, fans want to know… what is the fourth Jonas brother up to?

Will he join the band now?

Way back when, a lot of fans fell in love with Frankie Jonas and wondered why he didn’t join his brother’s band, too. But at the time, he was just a little too young. As of now, Frankie has just turned eighteen. Nick is now 26, Joe is 29, and Kevin is 31. This is a pretty large age gap. 

But now that Frankie is an adult, too, fans have begun wondering if he’ll join the Jonas Brothers band. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be that way. The Jonas Brothers reunion is, so far, slotted to be just the original three brothers. But that doesn’t mean Frankie Jonas hasn’t been pursuing his own career and having a life of his own.

Frankie Jonas has also dabbled in music

Frankie has followed in his brother’s footsteps and made a career for himself in music. He is currently working with a young new artist named Alli Haber. Frankie is co-writing her songs and producing her music. Under the name “Mephisto,” Frankie is hoping to help produce more new young talent in the future. He also does some deejaying, in addition to his production and songwriting pursuits. 

Frankie Jonas has done a little acting

Many fans will remember that the youngest Jonas brother made recurring appearances in the Disney television show Jonas with his older brothers. But this isn’t all of the acting the young man has done. He has several other acting credits to his name. The first of these was voicing a character in the English version of Ponyo.

Other acting credits include appearances in Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, The Reef 2: High Tide, and Spooky Buddies. These appearances began when he was just a young child, during his brother’s hay day. 

School is also a priority

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Just because he has extremely famous older brothers and has already started a career for himself doesn’t meant that Frankie Jonas is skimping when it comes to an education. The “Bonus Jonas” brother is currently enrolled at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. It isn’t revealed, however, what he has planned to major in. 

Typical teenage boy hobbies

Frankie Jonas doesn’t appear to have allowed fame to go to his head. A look at his Instagram shows the world a very typical teenage boy. Besides music, it also appears that Frankie is into skateboarding, Samurai Swords, and snowboarding.

There are a lot of pictures with both his friends and (of course) family. In addition to pictures with his brothers and their respective wives, there are also a lot of pictures of him doting on his two young nieces (Kevin’s children). Frankie seems to be a wonderful uncle to the tiny Jonas girls.