What is ‘The Great British Bake Off’ Judge Paul Hollywood’s Net Worth?

Paul Hollywood is a baking legend — it’s impossible to deny. The piercingly blue-eyed judge of The Great British Bake Off has made a huge impact on the show, sticking with it during its transition to Channel 4 despite some backlash from fans. 

Since starting on the show, the judge’s wealth and fame have ballooned — and despite ongoing speculation over not only his infidelity scandals, but also his future on The Great British Bake Off, it seems as if Hollywood and his bank account are still going strong. 

Hollywood’s infidelity scandals

The Great British Bake Off’s star judge, Paul Hollywood, used to work as the head baker for a hotel in Cyprus. His ex-wife, Alex Hollywood, was a scuba instructor at the same hotel. According to Alex, the two fell in love rapidly. She told DailyMail, “We fell in love very quickly. Two weeks was all it took — we both knew.”

Unfortunately, their marriage dissolved when Paul Hollywood traveled to the U.S. to film The Great American Baking Show. In his short time there, Hollywood had an affair with fellow judge and television chef Marcela Valladolid. 

When Hollywood returned from filming, he moved out of his house with Alex Hollywood. He asked her to take him back, and she agreed to, but their reunification was short-lived. While Paul Hollywood claims his next relationship occurred after his split with Alex Hollywood, it seems she disagrees. 

Regardless, Hollywood next dated Summer Monteys-Fullam, who worked at a local pub. Summer broke up with Hollywood when he asked her to sign an NDA that would prevent her from discussing their relationship. 

Will he get the boot?

According to celebrity PR expert Rob Cooper, Paul Hollywood might soon be seeing the decline of his career. 

Cooper The Mirror Online, “Paul Hollywood is unlikely to be dropped from the 2019 series of Bake Off, but it is very likely there has already been talks on whether he should be part of Bake Off’s future from 2020 onwards.”

He went on to add, “Viewers are likely to tune in to the next series due to the public interest surrounding him at the moment, but the bigger issue is the fact he’s coming across extremely unlikeable behind the scenes.”

Cooper claims the biggest issue is that viewers won’t be able to relate to Paul Hollywood anymore after his scandals. “The public fall in love with personalities that are either relatable or authentic. However, readers have been left questioning whether he has either of those qualities,” he explained.“The fact he left his wife and seemed to have seamlessly settled into a relationship with Summer leaves a bad taste in peoples’ mouths,” he said. 

Paul Hollywood’s net worth

Despite Paul Hollywood’s recent scandals, The Great British Bake Off star is doing well for himself. His time in the spotlight has helped him accrue a pretty hefty degree of personal wealth. 

Spear’s estimates Paul Hollywood’s net worth to be roughly 9 million pounds — that’s no small number. Even if Hollywood is booted from The Great British Bake Off, it’s plain to see that he should be able to live a comfortable life.