What Is the Original Cast of ‘90201’ Net Worth Today?

The cast of Beverly Hills, 90210
The cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 | Fox

Iconic 90s series Beverly Hills 90210 was a groundbreaking show for teens and young adults worldwide. The story about middle-class twins who move to Beverly Hills resonated with viewers who tuned in weekly to discover how the Walsh family would assimilate into high-class society.

The show launched the careers of a group of relatively unknown actors, including the show’s executive producer’s daughter. 90201 ran for 10 years, from 1990 until 2000. Since the last original broadcast, the show was retooled and rebooted. But failed to capture the same magic from the original show.

Most of the original actors have moved onto new projects, whereas others have taken a quieter route and spent more time with their families. So which cast member has the highest net worth of all?

Tori Spelling

Net worth: $500,000

Spelling portrayed nice girl Donna Martin on the series. Her father, Aaron Spelling was the series producer but her character wasn’t truly a main focus until later during the series. Following 90210, Spelling married Charlie Shanian, but the union only lasted two years.  She then married actor Dean McDermott, whom she met while filming made for TV movie, Mind Over Murder,

McDermott and Spelling have five children together and dabbled in reality television in recent years. She also made a cameo appearance as her 90210 character, Donna Martin in the reboot version of the series.

Gabrielle Carteris

Net worth: $1.2 million 


Carteris’ character on 90210 was the “nerdy girl” on the outside looking in. As Andrea Zuckerman, Carteris played the smart girl whose family wasn’t wealthy but lived in the school zone so Andrea could attend West Beverly High School. Carteris was older when she auditioned, at age 29 and lied about her age so she could portray a teen.

During the series, Carteris became pregnant. So her pregnancy was written into the storyline of the show. She’s married with two children and is became president of SAG-AFTRA in March 23, 2016.

Brian Austin Green

Net worth: $4 million 

Green portrayed David Silver on 90210. David came from a wealthy family but wasn’t exactly one of the popular kids. He befriends one of the core members of the popular group in high school, which allowed his character to become more of a main part of the show.

Since 90210 wrapped, Green took small roles in various made for television films. He also married actress Megan Fox. The couple has three children and has a tumultuous relationship. Fox and Green separated but seem to be working on their marriage, according to People.

Jennie Garth

Net worth: $8 million


Garth played the ultimate popular girl, Kelly Taylor on the series. Her character was a serial dater and usually part of the main storyline. After the show, Garth went onto appear in several made for television films and HBO film Power 98. She also tried her hand at a renovation show. The Jennie Garth Project was a blip on HGTV.

She was married to actor Peter Facinelli and the couple has three daughters. Facinelli and Garth divorced in 2012. But Garth married actor-producer Dave Abrams in 2015.

Ian Ziering

Net worth: $8 million

Ziering played Steve Sanders, the super popular goofball on the series. Like Carteris, Ziering was an older cast member at age 26 when the show debuted. But he was a natural fit for the enduring series. After the show wrapped, Ziering dabbling in television and even animation. He appeared in Dancing with the Stars but found a home in the spoof science fiction series, Sharknado.

After divorcing Nikki Schieler, who was an extra on 90210, Ziering remarried in 2010. The couple has two daughters.

Luke Perry

Net worth: $10 million

Luke Perry in Beverly Hills 90210
Source: Fox

The name “Dylan Mckay” is synonymous with actor Luke Perry. Perry portrayed the Beverly Hills bad boy on 90210 and was often a big part of the storyline. He was once compared to iconic actor, James Dean in the media and his character lived up to the part.

Since 90210 wrapped, Perry maintained a robust career. He appeared in HBO’s OZ, as well as the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In addition to a number of recent projects, Perry currently portrays Fred Andrews in the CW’s popular teen drama Riverdale.

Shannen Doherty

Net worth: $10 million 

Doherty came to 90210 as a seasoned actor. She had a role on Little House on the Prairie and Our House before assuming the role of Brenda Walsh on 90210. Brenda was one of the twins on the show who moved from the midwest to the glow of Beverly Hills.

Following the show, Doherty went onto star in projects like television series Charmed and films like Heathers and Mallrats.  She also made an appearance on Dancing with the Stars. Most recently, Doherty publicly battled breast cancer and is currently in remission.

Jason Priestley

Net worth: $16 million

Priestley had guest roles on shows like 21 Jump StreetMacGyver, and Quantum Leap before being cast as Brandon Walsh on 90210. Brandon was often a main focus of most 90210 storyline, almost acting like the show’s moral compass.

He also appeared in several films while making 90210. These include TombstoneCalendar Girl, and Love and Death on Long Island. Priestley pivoted away from acting to try his hand at race car driving. But was in a serious accident where he suffered from a broken back. He returned to acting and appeared in indie films like Die, Mommy, Die!

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