What Is The Secret to Steph And Ayesh Curry’s Marriage?

Being married to an NBA superstar should be deemed one of the biggest marriage challenges of the millennium, no matter if Steph and Ayesha Curry accepted this hurdle head-on. No doubt the Currys knew things wouldn’t be easy when they gave their vows back in July of 2011.

In the eight years they’ve been married, Steph has become a superstar NBA player, and Ayesha was able to rekindle some showbiz angles she once tried to pursue in her younger years.

Everything came to a head earlier this year during a controversial Ayesha interview the media jumped all over. Despite the criticisms of what she said, we see a very clear path toward how the Currys manage to keep their marriage in order.

How did Steph and Ayesha Curry first meet?

Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry
Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry | Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

One of the elements seemingly holding the Currys together is their strong bond of the first meeting when both were still in high school. Yes, it’s apparently still true you can find the love of your life when you’re a teenager. It’s certainly not the first story we’ve heard similar.

At the time, there was a similar problem to what they’ve gone through recently: Ayesha wasn’t sure about dating Steph because other girls were obsessed with him. Having this as a problem before he was even known as an NBA star would probably create big problems for others.

Perhaps tempering things was that they initially met through a church youth program, giving them a good foundation to go on. They didn’t start dating right away, however, and only becoming fast friends.

Not until a few years later did Steph reach out to Ayesha through Facebook when she was in L.A. pursuing an acting career. Yes, this apparently does show the value of connecting through social media.

Steph and Ayesha Curry have three kids

Right in the middle of Steph’s ascent to basketball superstardom, the Currys had three kids. For anyone else, this would put things into a tailspin of chaos and potentially ruin a marriage within months.

For the Currys, they’ve worked out a very specific way to keep their marriage strong with kids in the household. While they always place their kids first in many ways: Ayesha has admitted in interviews she and Steph still place themselves first in other ways so they can stay emotionally connected.

Her argument might be controversial for some, but when you look at the bigger picture, you’ll see how important it is. Without the two of them having time together on their own, the rest of the family would essentially fall apart. Some alone time together also helps restore sanity and allows the two to stay intimate rather than constantly being in a whirlwind of work.

Putting in extra time also connects to that recent Red Table Talk interview Ayesha did for Facebook Watch.

How Ayesh Curry deals with the possibility of infidelity

Sure, the comedic memes about Ayesha’s Red Table Talk interview earlier this year were aplenty. Maybe you can argue her answer wasn’t perfect about how she deals with the possibility of her husband cheating on her due to women groupies at Warriors games.

Whatever your opinion is, awareness of potential infidelity is always the best first step in saving a marriage. If the Currys never broached the subject and assumed everything was fine, something really could happen, including setting a precedent for keeping secrets.

Both of them maintaining honesty with one another is the best form of marriage therapy without having to visit a therapist to make it happen. Their ultimate commitment to carving out quality time alone is a secret to marriage everyone with kids should look into.

Hopefully, they’ll continue this trend since the madness of superstardom will only continue on both sides for many more decades to come.