What Is the ‘Seinfeld’ Cast Doing at Tom’s Restaurant?


When Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were spotted donning Seinfeld-style clothes and walking into Tom’s Restaurant on the Upper West Side earlier this week, the exterior location of Monk’s Cafe in Seinfeld, the Internet was abuzz with rumors that a Seinfeld reunion was in the works. Those rumors only intensified when Larry David, the writer-creator of Seinfeld, was also spotted leaving the restaurant. But while it is now confirmed that we will be seeing a Seinfeld reunion of sorts, fans of the show will have to settle for a small-scale revisit: a Super Bowl commercial.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that earlier this week the restaurant was closed for a few hours with camera equipment set up inside and the shades down. The fact that they were seemingly shooting inside the restaurant is notable because while the outside of Tom’s Restaurant was used for Monk’s Cafe in the sitcom, the inside of the restaurant in the show was actually a staged set.

When the images first appeared earlier this week, it was believed that it might be for a new episode of Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee — a web series revolving around Seinfeld taking a guest comedian out for coffee and their unrehearsed conversations. But production workers reportedly confirmed that Seinfeld, Alexander, and David were working on a Super Bowl commercial even as David and Seinfeld refused to elaborate on the nature of the production, the NY Daily News reports.

Seinfeld first premiered on July 5, 1989 as The Seinfeld Chronicles and ran for nine seasons until May 14, 1998. Both a critical and commercial hit, the final two episodes of the series were watched by an estimated 76 million viewers.

The idea of a Seinfeld reunion certainly isn’t a new idea. In the seventh season of David’s hit HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, the central plot revolves around a Seinfeld reunion and includes Seinfeld and David’s differing views of the original finale. ”We already screwed up one finale,” Seinfeld tells David. But David tells him, “we didn’t screw up a finale, that was a good finale!”

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