What Is Tomi Lahren’s Age and How Long Has She Worked For Fox News?

It’s probably a cliche to say Tomi Lahren is one of the most controversial political pundits in America. Next to someone like Sean Hannity, this comparison might be imbalanced. Nevertheless, Lahren has the intelligence to discuss politics considering she has a degree in journalism and political science.

What she’s accomplished in a short time is also extraordinary, even if some will argue it’s mostly due to ferociously attacking left-wing views. At the same time, it also has a lot to do with hard work and determination to carry on despite criticism and even job loss.

If you’re new to Lahren’s star power, you’ll be surprised at her age and what her future at Fox News might look like.

Lahren had her own show in her early 20s

Tomi Lahren holding a black mic
Tomi Lahren | Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Not long after graduating from college, Lahren landed work at One America News Network (OANN) as a political commentator. They offered her a self-titled show, which was very rare for someone with virtually no experience.

No doubt because it’s a far right network, they liked what they saw on her resume. It’s even possible she had many of her current adamant opinions on paper, making them realize she had the potential to make a major impact.

Few women at the age of only 22 would be able to land their own talk show and become talked about nationwide within their first year. When Lahren began to produce a “Final Thought” segment at the end of each show, she immediately went viral when she criticized President Obama’s response to a mass shooting in a Chattanooga military base.

Moving on to The Blaze

In today’s world, controversy seems to almost guarantee stardom. Glenn Beck clearly liked what he saw in Lahren being able to go viral with acerbic, far-right views.

While some have argued Lahren has a racist slant to her commentaries, it didn’t stop Beck from hiring her at The Blaze in late 2015. She immediately started her own show there and became more popular on Facebook than Donald Trump (who was beginning to run for President).

Sharp viral rants became a new term strongly associated with Lahren. Yet, we found out she wasn’t completely far-right on every issue, leading to a job termination.

Her views on abortion cost her The Blaze job

By 2017, Lahren was making a big name for herself at The Blaze. She also had the freedom to go on other talk shows as a guest, which she did one day on The View. Perhaps Lahren was more relaxed there, because she didn’t hesitate to say she believed in making abortion accessible to women if it was necessary.

Beck immediately flipped over her comment based on always assuming she was 100% pro-life. She was fired as a result, and it also led to a wrongful termination suit she settled later.

All of this occurred when she was only 24 years old.

Moving on to Fox News

A lot of media pundits predicted Lahren would end up at Fox News eventually. Indeed she did in August of 2017, making it a year and a half at the time of this writing. Already, she’s ruffled some feathers working only as a commentator on Hannity.

Her Twitter account has also been active since the beginning. There’s never been a let up in her going after all liberal views and people. However, she’s not afraid to criticize President Trump once in a while, especially when he temporarily backed away from border wall funding.

Then you have the recent feud Lahren stirred up with Cardi B. Even though it blew over fast, Lahren doesn’t hesitate for a moment to rebut her views and do “whataboutisms.”

At only 26 years old today, that’s a lot of media activity. Don’t be surprised to see Lahren expand her role at Fox News since she’s arguably Sean Hannity’s media star heir apparent.