What Kanye West’s Newest Album Says About the State of His Mental Health

Kanye West is known to be a wee bit off-beat. He will often do or say outrageous things. His mental health has been a concern for those that are close to him for a while now. But some are pointing to his new album as a concerning warning sign. Here’s what has people worried about the famous YE. 

Kanye West’s new album ‘Jesus is King’

Kanye West attends the FGI 36th Annual Night of Stars Gala.
Kanye West | Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

West has been hosting his Sunday Service for a while now, so it’s not surprising that his newest album is called Jesus is King, or that the tracks all have names like Sweet Jesus, Baptized, and Through the Valley. Lately, West has been fully embracing religion. And when West accepts something, he goes all the way. 

Consider his comments last year about Donald Trump and Slavery. West made some statements that angered a lot of people, and really alienated him. But instead of backtracking, apologizing or even attempting to explain, West dug in his heels and took it all the way. When he gets set on something, West really takes it to the extreme. Some might even say that he becomes obsessed.

And now, it appears that West has taken his extreme personality, and applied it to religion. In a recent video, you can see his Sunday Service attendees calling out his name — as if they’re there to worship and not God. One user on Twitter made a good point in the comments, according to Vibe: “This isn’t about God or church and it’s sad to witness.” 

Another made a similar statement by pointing out that West was acting like a person with a savior-complex. “#Kanye thought he was Moses.”

Kanye West has mental health issues

It’s no secret that West has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In fact, it’s something he celebrates and talks about often. On his album, YE, West even called it his “superpower.” 

On one hand, it’s awesome for West to embrace his diagnosis. We need people to speak out about the difficulties that bipolar people face because it helps rid us of the stereotypes and encourages others who may be struggling with the same thing. However, West doesn’t always act in the most mature manner and some wonder if he’s doing more harm to the movement than good.  

According to BuzzFeed, West’s use of the word “superpower” to describe being bipolar is concerning. As they pointed out, it may discourage some from seeking treatment. The highs of bipolar disorder can feel good, but it shouldn’t be treated as something that is always a good thing. Those who are bipolar need to seek professional treatment for the best results. 

One user on Twitter explained the situation very well: “It’s funny how bipolar disorder is actually a really serious and scary disorder but everyone is quoting Kanye like it’s something that’s trendy and cool.”

Some are concerned about Kanye West’s upcoming tour

Since he’s just released a new album, West will probably be heading off on tour soon to promote Jesus is King. However, there are some concerns about his ability to handle a tour right now, especially from his wife: Kim Kardashian. 

A source told People about Kardashian’s concerns. “Kim supports a tour, but still has concerns,” the source said. “She doesn’t want him to go crazy and do an intense tour with no breaks. She wants him to focus on his wellbeing and mental health too.”

In 2016, West could have used this advice. He ended up canceling his Saint Pablo tour with 21 shows unplayed. At the time, there were rumors that he was struggling with a mental breakdown. West was hospitalized for dehydration and exhaustion right after the cancellation, but some think there was more to it than that. 

West seems to do everything to the extreme. If he ends up taking off on tour again, there is definitely a concern that he could breakdown. Kardashian’s advice seems sound. West needs someone on tour to remind him to slow down before he cracks.