What Kelly Ripa Eats in a Day Will Surprise You

Live with Kelly and Ryan host Kelly Ripa boasts an incredibly youthful figure and appearance.  Ripa has tweeted posts of herself in her enviable shape, and her legions of fans want to know how she does it. 

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa | Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage

The Emmy Award-winner has spoken about her diet and sticks to a specific regimen. Find out what the 49-year-old eats on a typical day to keep her energy high and the calories low. 

Here’s what we know.

Ripa follows an Alkaline diet

Ripa does a seven-day alkaline diet cleanse to get her body in shape. The alkaline diet basically states that foods we eat influence the acidity or alkalinity (the pH value) of your body.

“It’s a very manageable cleanse. It’s very manageable,” Ripa shared with People in 2018. “You’re not hungry. It’s not like … people go, ‘What are you eating? You’re just drinking, you know, a green juice a day?’ No, it’s not like that. You eat. I actually eat much more on this cleanse than I do in my actual life, but it’s what you eat and how you eat it.”

She fits treats into her life

Treats are important in a diet, to let some steam off of the pressure of rules and all the restraint. It could be a glass of wine or a small snack, but these little indulgences prevent binges and keep dieters on the right track.

“I like to drink coffee. I occasionally will have fish. The alkaline diet is primarily a vegan diet, but I like cream in my coffee,” she told People. “I like to have a glass of wine. So I don’t adhere to it strictly, but when I do a cleanse, it will be seven days, and then I go back to my normal life.”

Here’s what Ripa eats in a day

Ripa starts each day off with a cappuccino with half and half. She told Bon Appetit in 2012 that she avoids eating until after 10 AM.

“I never eat breakfast until after the show. I can’t seem to focus my mind if my stomach is digesting. At the host chat desk, I’ll have a triple-shot skim latte. I usually have my yogurt and granola after the show. I find that if I eat beforehand, I’m just making digesting sounds.”

For lunch, she sticks to either a salad or yogurt and blueberries.

“I eat a very clean diet. I have lots of vegetables, I eat protein, but I really don’t put a ton of thought into it. It’s everything you’ve read about or heard about in any diet book – don’t eat too much crap, and I don’t,” she told ABC News. “If that’s the secret, then that’s the secret!”

“At dinner, I eat a ton of vegetables – and a salad, soup, or a light piece of fish. I try not to have too much cheese or too many high-fat foods, even though I love them,” she previously told Good Housekeeping in 2012. “I would love nothing more than to have pizza and french fries every day, but I try to limit those treats to once a week.”

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