What Left Queen Elizabeth ‘Heartbroken’ By Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, And Prince William?

Queen Elizabeth has endured a lot of hardships over the past 65 years as the Queen of England, but it was her children and grandchildren that reportedly gave her the most heartbreak. In her own words, one of the worst years of Elizabeth’s long reign was 1992, a year that witnessed three of Her Majesty’s children ending their marriages. While watching three of her children get divorced was hard enough, Elizabeth’s heartbreak did not end there. Here’s an inside look at Queen Elizabeth’s heartbreak by both her children and grandchildren.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Her Majesty recalls a heartbreaking year

Elizabeth and her husband of 70 years, Prince Philip, have four children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. While Elizabeth and Philip’s marriage has remained strong for decades, three of her kids experienced heartbreaking divorces in 1992.

In a speech in November of that same year, Queen Elizabeth gave a speech in which she called 1992 an “annus horribilis”, or a horrible year. The royal family dealt with a number of different scandals that year, but Elizabeth’s comments were mostly due to the family’s relationship woes.

“1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure,” Elizabeth shared. “In the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondents, it has turned out to be an annus horribilis.”

According to Express, Prince Andrew was the first of Queen Elizabeth’s children to go through a divorce. Andrew split from his wife, Sarah Ferguson, in the early spring of 1992. A month after Andrew’s shocking breakup, Princess Anne announced that she was getting a divorce from Mark Phillips.

As if that was not bad enough, the royal family experience one of its biggest scandals of the past century when Princess Diana went public with Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles – a move that effectively ended their relationship and led to their official divorce a few years later. Charles and Diana started living separate lives in December of 1992, a month following Elizabeth’s heartbreaking speech.

Inside Queen Elizabeth’s devastating year

Apart from the divorces, Elizabeth had to deal with a number of other mishaps in 1992. A fire broke out in Windsor Castle in November of that year, doing extensive damage to the property. Elizabeth also learned about the passing of her nephew, Prince Albrecht.

The death came on the same day that Princess Anne announced her divorce, dealing a double blow to the royal family. All of these things came after Prince Andrew announced his divorce, which only made things even more difficult to handle for Queen Elizabeth.

To make things even more complicated, Ferguson was caught laying out in the sun, topless, in August with her good friend, John Bryan. Images of the outing were later published in magazines around the world.

The royal family also had to deal with leaked tapes that recorded conversations between Diana and James Gilbey. During one of their chats, Gilbey referred to Diana by a nickname, “Squidgy.” The tapes confirmed the rumors that Charles’s marriage was on the rocks. While all of these things made 1992 a difficult year, it was the divorces that really put Elizabeth over the edge.

Prince William once caused Elizabeth heartbreak too

Elizabeth has been an amazing mentor to her oldest grandson, Prince William, and has been preparing him for the throne for years. But there was once a time when Elizabeth’s relationship with William was strained. Following Charles and Diana’s divorce, Elizabeth stepped in to help instruct William on what it takes to be at the head of the monarchy.

At the time, William had just started school at Eton and inside sources claim that Queen Elizabeth was worried that William could not take the pressures of being King. William is currently second in line to the throne, following his father.

Elizabeth and William started going on lunch dates together, where Her Majesty took the opportunity to teach her grandson lessons. The pair grew closer by spending time together and still share a tight bond to this day. Although Elizabeth experienced a lot of heartbreak with her own children, William’s marriage to Kate Middleton is stronger than ever, as is Prince Harry’s union to Meghan Markle.

Queen Elizabeth has not commented on the latest rumors surrounding her children’s divorces and scandals over the years.