What Made Kanye West Change His Mind About Performing at This Year’s Coachella Festival?

It looks like Kanye West is performing at Coachella this year after all!

Since turning down the chance to perform after producers denied his request to have an over the top, custom-built stage, Kanye West is back on Coachella’s lineup, but this time he won’t be by himself.

Kanye West | Photo by PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

It has been revealed that Kanye West is bringing his fan favorite Sunday Services to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

With West bringing a different approach to this year’s Coachella, festival goers will soon be able to experience the most talked about gospel service of the year.

Kanye West initially turned down the opportunity

Just last year, news began circulating that Kanye West was amongst the amazing musicians who were set to headline this year’s Coachella.

It was reported that West was in talks of performing but wanted to establish an agreement with festival producers before officially signing on.

After meeting with producers, sources revealed that Kanye West had decided to pull out of the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival due to festival officials not meeting his requirements.

According to sources, West was adamant on only performing at Coachella if he was able to do so on a much larger stage than the other performers.

It had been said that Kanye West believed the traditional 60×40 foot stage was “artistically limiting” and told producers he needed a “giant, custom-built,” John McGuire-designed dome to perform.

Goldenvoice, which produces Coachella, denied the rapper’s request to alter the stage which led West to pull out of Coachella all together.

Coachella made Kanye an offer he couldn’t turn down

A few months after Kanye West pulled out of the festival, Coachella producers decided to offer him a location to perform in that he couldn’t refuse.

It has just been revealed that Kanye West will be preforming at this year’s Coachella, and is bringing his series of gospel concerts to the campgrounds on April 21.

In a video posted by Kim Kardashian West, the rapper confirmed the news while on a plane with his gospel singers and musicians.

“We were out in Palm Springs and they took us to a little campground, because we were thinking about a little performance in Palm Springs, just a little one” he says in the video. “Then they had a mountain, he had a mountain waiting for us. We had a date waiting for us. Only one date that that mountain would be available: Easter Sunday at Coachella.”

“So the confirmation was confirmed last night. That Sunday Service will be at Easter Sunday at Coachella. 9 a.m.”

Coachella also made the announcement on their social media getting fans excited.

Kanye West’s Sunday Services have become a sensation in the entertainment industry.

Since holding the first Sunday service back in January, fans look forward to seeing video clips taken by Kim Kardashian West and the Kardashian family of Kanye West performing alongside a gospel choir in a dimly lit venue as well as outdoors.

Kanye’s Sunday Services are usually an exclusive event and now that it is coming to Coachella, fans will be able to experience some religious uplifting through music.

When it comes to Coachella, Kanye West is a Goldenvoice favorite and producers did not want to miss out on the chance to have one of music’s biggest artists headline their festival for the third time.