This Is What Made Pregnant Meghan Markle Cry

Meghan Markle might be nearing the end of her pregnancy –but she’s looking nothing but radiant at her various events and royal engagements. The Duchess of Sussex has had a stunning glow and a smile on her face since she entered the royal family. However, at a recent event– Markle was caught on camera weeping. This is why the royal mother-to-be was moved to tears.

Meghan Markle cried during a performance at Commonwealth Day service

During the Westminster Abbey Commonwealth Day service –Meghan Markle sat with her husband, Prince Harry and her in-laws–Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Charles, and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall. During the event –the royal family was serenaded by British actor/singer Alfie Boe who sang an a cappella version of Snow Patrol’s “Run.”

Boe’s performance visibly moved the Duchess of Sussex, and she couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down her face. We’re not sure if Markle has a personal connection to “Run” or if she was just emotional after the performance, but either way, we love that the former actress brings a sense of realness to the royal family.

When is Meghan Markle’s due date?

Though Markle is hoping to work right up until she gives birth to Baby Sussex –her due date is rapidly approaching. Therefore, we can only assume that these are some of the last royal events we will see her attending for some time. In Jan. 2019 during her first royal event of the new year, Markle revealed that her due date is in late April or early May. This means the duhcess and Prince Harry have just a few weeks until they will become parents.

Where will Meghan Markle give birth?

Like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle will give birth at the prestigious Lindo Wing in St. Mary’s Hospital. According to The Telegraph, the staff at the privately-run hospital has been told, “not to take holiday in April.” A source explained, “Everyone thinks it’s got something to do with the royal baby, but no one is confirming anything.” Not only is Lindo Wing world renowned –at £6,000-a-night it’s also the poshest birthing experience that money can buy. The hospital’s brochure reads, “Our world-class maternity care, combined with a personalized service, will relax and reassure you throughout one of the most emotional and exciting experiences of your life.”

Will Meghan Markle pose for the traditional post-birth photo on the steps of Lindo?

Though Markle will give birth at Lindo, we highly doubt she will be posing for that traditional post-birth photo. After all, it seems absurd that any woman would want to engage in a full-on photoshoot just hours after giving birth. As a source close to the royal family explained, “Harry and Meghan are intent on doing things their own way. One way or the other, they will get what they want.”

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