What Made the Jonas Brothers Decide to Get Back Together?

Well, that just happened. The Jonas Brothers decided to get back together, and I turned into a teenage girl again. Okay, only one of those things actually did happen.

The Jonas Brothers new single, Sucker, is sure to make it to the top of our favorites list. It has everything you would expect from the band. This new music seems to have a more grown-up-pop catchiness. 

If you didn’t stay up late to watch their new music video Sucker, which dropped at midnight, we’ve got you covered. The video features all three of their wives; it’s hot and gritty. Priyanka ChopraSophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas seem to be the center of the Jo Bros world in this song.

Why did the Jonas Brothers split?

At the height of their careers, the Jonas Brothers called it quits leaving throngs of screaming fans in their wake. The boys cited “musical differences” and “deep rift in the band” as reasons. It was hard for many people to believe because their music and their careers seemed to be on an upward trajectory. 

Whatever the problem was, it was strong enough for them to leave an unfinished album behind. 

Following the rift that broke up the band, each brother went separate ways professionally. Nick Jonas had the most success in music and acting, with the release of three solos albums. 

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle have two children together. At the time of the band break-up, they were starring in the reality show, Married to Jonas.

Why did the Jonas Brothers decide to get back together?

In January 2018, the Jonas Brothers reactivated their group Twitter and Instagram pages, according to E! News. This caused fans to speculate if a reunion was in the works. While Nick, Joe, and Kevin insisted they were not getting back together, we now know that was just a ploy. 

“We hung out for a weekend all together then I guess our Instagram is restarted or reopened. But I can tell you there’s no reunion planned, but I can never say never. You never know what’s going to happen,” Nick Jonas said in an interview.

“It’s nice to be able to finally tell someone about this, we’ve kept it a secret for seven, eight months,” said Nick Jonas.

At the moment they have not stated publicly the real reason the Jonas Brothers decided to get back together, but some rumors say Priyanka Chopra may have something to do with it. She might be his muse. She was after all stunning in the video Sucker

Another reason might have something to do with the brothers growing up. Enough time might have passed to mend the rift. 

The Jonas Brothers are all grown up

As you can see from their new album cover, they are not the same young boys that first came on to the music scene in 2006.

Now that all the brothers are grown, they have reunited. It will be nice to see how the Jonas Brothers’ careers come together after so long apart. The Jo Bros have come along way in both their professional and personal lives. 

All three brothers are married, all three have found success in their own right, and by the sounds of it, their new music has matured. We couldn’t be more excited to see and hear what comes next.

The Jonas Brothers are planning to take over The Late Late Show with James Corden from Monday, March 4 through Thursday, March 7. They will reportedly be singing, putting on skits, and hopefully answering a lot of questions about the future of the Jonas Brothers.