What Makes Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Marriage Work?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. They each have their own impressive empires but together they are an unstoppable force worth over $1 billion! They aren’t just nailing their careers, they also excel at being an inspiring couple to their peers!

While their relationship has come with its fair share of struggles, the shining duo knows that marriage, especially one under public scrutiny, takes a lot of work and dedication. Below you’ll find some of the trials and tribulations the couple has faced since they officially paired up in 2002, and what Jay-Z says about working on his marriage.

RiRi Rumors spread in 2005

When Rihanna first popped up on the music scene she was just 17 years old. She was a star waiting to be found, and publicist Jonathan Hay knew just the right story to publish to generate buzz around her debut single.

Hay pushed news of an affair between the potential star and old school hip hop artist. Of course, it caught like wildfire and generated enough news to help boost sales of Pon De Replay. While it was all just rumors, there’s no way the tabloids didn’t put some stress on Bey. According to an unofficial biography, the couple did happen to split around this time, just for completely different reasons. 

B-Day raises red flags in 2006

Beyoncé’s album B-Day featured two songs that got the public talking, Resentment and Ring The Alarm. Both tracks were about cheating so fans couldn’t help but think she must have been venting about the Umbrella singer shacking up with her longtime boyfriend. Beyoncé’s manager, who also happened to be her father at the time, tried a pre-emptive strike by saying the upcoming track, Ring The Alarm, was not aimed at RiRi. If she wasn’t what was the inspiration for the tough track?

Jay-Z and Rita Ora?

In 2008, Beyoncé and Jay-Z got married, and four years later Bey gave birth to their first child, Blue Ivy. Things were seemingly going well for the couple, that is until 2013 when news of an affair between Jay-Z and his newest Roc Nation artist Rita Ora started to spread. Clearly the two were close but it was probably just a business relationship as Jay-Z groomed her to be his next superstar. Things went south though and the two entered an insane legal battle that labeled Jay-Z’s label as sexist.

2013 was a crazy year for The Carters

Infidelity rumors spread quickly when you’re at the top of the entertainment chain. In June, Jay-Z mentioned cheating in his single Holy Grail which got fans thinking. Is Beyoncé also fooling around? They didn’t get to think about it very long though because news of Jay-Z moving on to the next girl quickly took over tabloids just two months later

Double threat, LIV, claimed that Jay-Z came on to her but she bowed out in respect of his marriage to the Queen Bee. Later that year there were numerous reports of the hip-hop king partying a bit too hard with Claudia Scheelen. She took to social media to squash all the talk but despite that, more rumors began to spread of an impending divorce.

The infidelity rumors continue

  • May 2014: Solange beats the bricks off of Jay-Z in an elevator, apparently because of rumors of him having an affair with Rachel Roy.
  • June 2014: Rumors of Jay-Z cheating with TV star, Casey Cohen. Cohen denied that the two committed adultery. The two happen to also be on tour at the time and according to sources are fighting constantly. Perhaps the rumors were getting to be too much for Bey?
  • April 2016: Bey’s amazing album Lemonade is released and with it tons of lyrics that point to infidelity in her marriage. If everything up until now has been rumors, what’s that all about?

Jay-Z admits he cheated on Beyoncé

After years of rumors, questions, and unbridled curiosity from fans, the big question was answered in 2017. Jay-Z has cheated on the Queen Bee. He also admitted that they were very much using their music as a means of therapy and to talk things through in a public forum. It definitely appeared to help as the two really have been working things out. 

During the same interview, Jay-Z made a sentimental statement showing the two would do what it takes to work through their issues. “You know, most people walk away”, he began. “And like divorce rate is like 50% or something ’cause most people can’t see themselves. The hardest thing is seeing pain on someone’s face that you caused, and then have to deal with yourself,” he said. “So, you know, most people don’t want to do that. You don’t want to look inside yourself. And so you walk away.”

Jay-Z opens up more to David Letterman

In April 2018, Jay-Z appeared in an interview with David Letterman where he opened up even more about his infidelity. Based on the interview, it’s easy to see that the mogul really began to take a good look at himself and what he’s done. He openly discussed working on himself so that he would have the emotional tools needed to keep his family together.

Thankfully he has a beautiful and understanding wife in Bey. One who is willing to stand by his side and recognize that he isn’t just his mistakes. The two have gone to therapy and have professed their undying love despite all of the drama that has transpired. They know they are soulmates and are really willing to sit and talk things out so they can be together for the long run. 

Considering their sordid past, it’s not just communication they need but an unparalleled amount of trust in one another to keep things going. It’s clearly working as the two have managed to stay strong despite the rumors and infidelity over the past 16+ years.