What Marvel Fans Really Want to See in Phase 5

The Marvel Cinematic Universe creates such hot anticipation that the Phase 5 movies are already being talked about, even though Marvel only just announced Phase 4, which takes us through the end of 2021.

Next year’s Marvel slate is light, with only Black Widow coming out in May and The Eternals in November. The three movies scheduled for 20201 are Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in February, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness in May, and Thor: Love and Thunder in November. We’re supposed to get a Blade movie at some point, and none of this counts all the series coming to Disney+. 

Scarlett Johansso
Scarlett Johansson | Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

So what does that leave for Phase 5? Here is our best guess, based on Cinemablend.

These are the definites

Black Panther 2: It’s only Marvel’s biggest movie that doesn’t have Avengers in the title. We know that director Ryan Coogler is returning and working on the script. We thought this might be part of phase 4, but Shang-Chi ended up taking what we thought might be Black Panther‘s February slot. Our guess now is that since Black Panther is an even bigger deal now, he’ll get the prime late April/early May slot usually reserved for Avengers movies in 2022.

Captain Marvel 2: The original Captain Marvel film made more than $1 billion worldwide, so a sequel is a given. We also found out via Spider-Man: Far From Home that the shape-shifting Skrulls are a bigger part of the action than we thought, so Carol Danvers has to show up sometime in 2022, be it in a sequel or some new configuration of the Avengers. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Fans were disappointed not to see this in Phase 4, particularly because we saw Thor heading into space with the Guardians and people want to know what happened to Gamora, who’s kind/of sort of alive, with her past self wandering around out there. However, writer-director James Gunn will be busy with the Suicide Squad sequel in 2021, so the Guardians will have to wait until 2022 or later. 

Spider-Man 3: This one is a little tougher to parse because this is a shared venture with Sony, which still controls the rights to the character, but with Spider-Man: Far From Home being yet another mega-success, a sequel can’t be far ahead. Besides, we have to know what will happen now that Peter Parker is, shall we say, very concerned about his not-so-secret identity. 

We know these films are coming, we’re just not sure when 

The Young Avengers: The original version of the Avengers is no more, but the MCU isn’t about to leave its biggest cash cow behind. We’re just not 100 percent sure what form it will take or when they’ll show up. Feige said a new version of the team will show up at some point, featuring some people we know and some people we don’t. We think the people we know will include Captain Marvel and Spider-Man. 

The Fantastic Four: Fans are itching for the MCU version of these heroes that made Marvel’s bones, having been created even before Spider-Man. Fox (before Disney bought them) never really got these guys right. The 2005 and 2007 movies were hits, but nobody seems especially fond of them, and the 2015 reboot was an out-and-out disaster. Marvel President Kevin Feige mentioned that something was in the works for the quartet. This author would have loved to have seen a new take with the 2015 cast — it wasn’t their fault the movie stunk. However, Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and particularly Michael B. Jordan probably prefer to leave it all behind.

What about these guys? 

Ant-Man 3: The other two movies did better than many people expected, and they played a pretty integral role in Endgame. Even so, there has been, strangely, little buzz about Marvel’s tiniest heroes. They might appear on Disney+ before they show up at the theater again. 

Secret Wars: This was a humongous crossover Marvel released in the 1980s that featured pretty much every superhero under their roof. Such a venture would be an even bigger undertaking than The Avengers, so this is probably way down the pike — if it’s on the pike at all.

The X-Men: The MCU will probably get to the mutants at some point, but Feige has made it pretty clear he’s not in a hurry. He did say there were coming at Comic-Con, but fans shouldn’t hold their breath. They may not even be until Phase Six. Yes, we’re already thinking that far ahead.