What Michael Weatherly Was “Able to Donate” to ‘NCIS’

Michael Weatherly may be leading a new show, donning a new suit, and no longer starring as Tony DiNozzo; however, to NCIS fans spanning the globe, Weatherly will always be intimately tied to the wise-cracking jokester and Agent Gibbs’ Number Two.

Michael Weatherly
Michael Weatherly | Photo by Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage

Michael Weatherly portrayed Tony DiNozzo for thirteen years. When you play a character for so long, you never truly, or fully, leave that character behind. While fans can accept you in new roles – and get excited to see you take on a new challenge – they always hold on to the memory of the career-catalyzing character. Daniel Radcliffe will always be the boy who lived, Harry Potter.

Michael Weatherly, during an interview with Watch!, explained what he was able to bring to his character, and what he gave to NCIS for all those years. If you know anything about Michael Weatherly off-screen and on, his answer should not surprise you, for it’s in-line with his general personality and disposition.

Michael Weatherly reveals what he “was able to donate to the world of ‘NCIS’”

If you’ve ever watched someone interview Michael Weatherly, you will notice that the actor has a knack for cracking jokes. He stated:

“I grew up wanting to do comedy, and so what I was able to donate to the world of NCIS was my penchant for making fun of myself. I never minded doing that, and that seemed to be very helpful.”  


Humor has helped shape Weatherly’s career and continues to mold and fuel his passion for acting, explained Watch! Michael Weatherly was such a jokester that Cote de Pablo initially thought he was unprofessional and would be challenging to work alongside.

While Cote de Pablo and Weatherly’s relationship may have started off with a few false presumptions, the two grew to admire and respect one another: a foundation that was seen in their chemistry as Ziva and DiNozzo.

Michael Weatherly on “trying to find a character”

Michael Weatherly goes on to discuss the difficulty in discovering a character – what it takes to uncover the personality, and all the associated expressions, quirks, etc. He stated:

“Trying to find a character is like trying to put a shoelace through the little eye, but it’s, like, all soft and mushy and won’t stay together and it can be very frustrating.”


While Michael Weatherly reported that it can be difficult to find a character, his work as Tony DiNozzo often seemed effortless. Weatherly played the character for so many years, so the shoe just began to fit. Now on Bull, Michael Weatherly is in Mark Harmon’s place, so to speak, leading a team of his own.

Michael Weatherly has proved himself as a television actor – starring in main roles on two CBS hits – but has yet to make his way into the movie realm. Does he wish to? Is he content staying on TV?

While many fans would love to see the actor flex his performance muscles in a major motion picture – stepping into a highly dramatic or thrilling role – he, according to IMDb, has no film projects on the horizon. For now, you can enjoy Michael Weatherly in Bull and wait for the day he acts opposite DiCaprio, Streep, or Day-Lewis (if the latter isn’t retiring).