Here’s What Might Happen if One of the Duggars Wanted to Get a Divorce

In the past, Counting On fans have questioned how happy some of the Duggars are in their marriage. When Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal broke in 2015, his wife, Anna Duggar, didn’t leave him. And though Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard recently celebrated five years of marriage, many fans have wondered if Dillard is truly the man she wants to be with. But what would happen if one of the Duggars, who come from an extremely religious family that does not believe in divorce, wanted to end their marriage?

Josh and Anna Duggar
Josh and Anna Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Fans think Anna Duggar didn’t divorce Josh because she couldn’t

When Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal broke in 2015, Anna, his wife, was evidently unaware of what he had done when he was younger. And around the same time, Josh confessed to cheating on Anna multiple times and to having a pornography addiction. All of his scandals came crashing down on their marriage, and most anyone else in the United States would have divorced their partners under those circumstances. But Anna and Josh stayed together, and many people attributed it to their very strict religion; they believed Anna didn’t divorce Josh because she simply wasn’t allowed.

Josh and Anna worked things out after his various scandals broke.

If a Duggar wanted to get divorced, they’d likely be told to seek counseling

When Josh’s sexual abuse first happened in the early 2000s, Jim Bob enrolled him in a Christian counseling program to help him get back on the right path. It seems that religious counseling is where the Duggars turn when things go wrong. Anna and Josh also sought counseling when everything happened in 2015.

Some people suspect that Jill Duggar isn’t happy in her marriage to Derick Dillard, but if she sits in the same boat as Anna, she probably wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. If Jill had gone to her parents and said she wasn’t happy, Michelle and Jim Bob likely would have told her to seek counseling with Derick, as Josh and Anna sought a couple years earlier.

Some fans think Jill Duggar isn’t happy in her marriage.

The couple would probably be heavily criticized by their church if they split up

Should a Duggar couple ever ultimately decide to separate, they would likely be heavily criticized by members of their church. The Duggars are Baptist, and they follow much stricter rules in their religion than those who practice another sect of Christianity. Other members of their church tend to follow those same rules, which include no abortions, birth control, or divorce. Divorce is considered sacrilege, and should a Duggar go through with one, they probably wouldn’t be welcome by many of the churchgoers with whom they attend service.

A Duggar divorce would likely put a major strain on their relationship with Michelle and Jim Bob

It’s evident that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar practice their religion extremely strictly. They wouldn’t even allow their daughters to wear pants for fear of attracting men in the wrong way. If a Duggar ever went through with a divorce, it would probably put a strain on their relationship with Michelle and Jim Bob, who would undoubtedly be against the marriage’s end. But it seems that is something Michelle and Jim Bob won’t need to worry about any time soon, since the Duggar children likely wouldn’t ever give up on their marriages.