What Nickname Does Princess Eugenie Have For Her Mother Sarah Ferguson?

Ever since her royal wedding to Jack Brooksbank in October 2018, there’s been interest in another one of Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren not named William or Harry.

Princess Eugenie, who is the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, has been in the spotlight a little more than she has in the past and royal fans enjoy learning as much as they can about the princess. Eugenie loves talking about her close relationship with her parents and it was recently revealed that she has a cute nickname for her mom. Here’s what she calls the duchess, plus some nicknames other members of the royal family have for one another.

Sarah Ferguson and Princess Eugenie
Sarah Ferguson and Princess Eugenie | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Eugenie’s nickname for her mother

Ferguson has gone by the nickname “Fergie” for years but that’s certainly not what her daughter calls her. Instead, the princess refers to her as “mumsie.”

This information was revealed in Hello! after the publication printed a letter to Eugenie from Ferguson in which she signed it “Mumsie.” The Duchess of York returns the nickname favor to her daughter by calling her “Eugie.”

Fergie has always gushed about how proud she is of both her children and so pleased with the way she and her Andrew raised them.

“I think the one thing I’ve done incredibly well — although I say it myself — is that I’m a really good mum and I think my girls show that,” Ferguson said before adding, “A table can’t stand on three legs, really, so you have the Duke and I, and the two girls. We’re a family unit and we lead by example. We support each other emotionally and we support each other health wise. At least every two weeks we sit down and communicate, the four of us.”

What Eugenie calls her father

Speaking of Prince Andrew, Eugenie has a sweet nickname for her father as well.

In February 2019, Eugenie revealed the nickname she calls her dad in a birthday post to him via Instagram.

The princess called him “Papa” and shared several photos including one of them together on her wedding day and one of Andrew’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, holding him when he was a child.

Other nicknames members of the royal family use

The Royal family
The royal family | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Eugenie isn’t the only one who uses a nickname when referring to certain family members. In fact, lots of members of royals have different names they’ve been known to call one another.

In fact, most of Queen Elizabeth’s family have different names they call her. Prince Philip’s pet name for his wife is “cabbage” while Princes William and Harry call her “Granny.” William’s son, Prince George, also uses a nickname for his great-grandmother and refers to her as “Gan Gan.”

William and his wife, Kate Middleton, have loving nicknames for one another as well and have been heard calling each other “babe,” “darling,” and “babykins.” The Duchess of Cambridge has adorable nicknames for George and Princess Charlotte too and reportedly calls them both “poppet.”

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