What Octavia Spencer Thinks When She Loses an Oscar

Octavia Spencer last won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2012’s The Help. Playing Minny Jackson – a character comprised of equal parts strength and vulnerability – Octavia’s breathtaking performance earned the acknowledgment it deserved.

Octavia Spencer
Octavia Spencer | Photo by Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

After winning the Oscar in 2012, Spencer was nominated five years later for 2017’s Hidden Figures and again in 2018 for The Shape of Water. She was nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category all three times.

While Octavia Spencer rarely sees the limelight as the lead performer, she tends to steal the show, as was the case in Instant Family and Gifted. She retains one of those on-screen presences that draws viewers in.

Spencer has a way of capturing your attention and never letting it go. While she often portrays a humorous character, Spencer boasts a piercing essence that will likely do her justice soon.

Spencer is set to star in the upcoming suspense-horror Ma. She will portray the title character: a middle-aged woman who opens her house to a bunch of party-crazed teenagers. While she may seem like the “cool aunt” at the start, it soon becomes clear that she retains an ulterior motive.

Octavia Spencer recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show to discuss her career and play a round of the 5 Second Rule, during which she revealed the true thought that enters her mind when her name is not announced following “And the Oscar goes to…”

Octavia Spencer’s answer was honest, a bit predictable, and all too funny

When playing the 5 Second Rule and asked to answer “Three things you’re really thinking when you lose an Oscar,”Octavia Spencer responded with one answer, hit the buzzer, and then laughed out loud, realizing she did not follow the rules.

For those of you who do not religiously watch Ellen, you’re supposed to completely answer the question and then hit the buzzer to stop the timer. Regardless, Octavia Spencer did provide one answer: “I Should’ve won!”

Like any other person involved in a competition, Octavia Spencer, when she’s nominated, wants to win. And, she believes that she deserves to. Who can blame her for this candid response?

While we’re sure Octavia Spencer is happy for her fellow nominee who takes the award, Spencer doesn’t get to home with the prized statuette that means so much in the entertainment industry, which, undoubtedly, stings a little.

What’s up next for Octavia Spencer?

Aside from Ma, Octavia Spencer is set to appear in a TV series titled Madam C.J. Walker as Sarah Breedlove. Playing the title character (based on a true woman), Octavia Spencer will embody the well-known African-American philanthropist, entrepreneur, and political and social activist. At the time of her death, in 1919, Breedlove was considered the wealthiest African-American businesswoman. The show is currently in pre-production, according to IMDb.

Octavia Spencer will also star in the upcoming films The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle, The Witches, The Heart, and Onward. Aside from The Heart, you should expect to see these movies hit theaters come 2020.