What One Fan Pointed Out About Kate Middleton’s Latest Outfit

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge
Britain’s Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge | Getty Images/ AP Photo/Frank Augstein, pool

As Royal fans are well aware, Kate Middleton has an incredible sense of style! From that iconic long-sleeve wedding gown to the red dress that she wore as she debuted Prince Louis to the world, the Duchess of Cambridge almost never looks anything less than perfect. However, in recent days, Kate made a visit to a primary school in London, wearing a bespoke green jumper dress that had an unintentionally hilarious detail!

What was so funny about Kate’s dress?

The uniquely shaped pockets, each with a button in the middle, and a wrinkle in the fabric created the look of angry eyes and a frown, prompting fans to say that the dress just was not in the mood to be worn that day! Although Kate looked beautiful and perfectly polished as always, there were a few people who couldn’t help poking some good-natured fun at her outfit choice. It didn’t take away from her good mood at all, as she interacted with students and employees, and wore a bright smile throughout the entire day.

What else did Kate wear that day?

Along with the stunning green dress, Kate sported black tights and amazing high heeled, laced up black boots for the school visit. Her long brown hair flowed in loose waves, and her makeup and jewelry were simple and elegant. The Duchess is known for having a good sense of humor, so it is highly likely that if she saw photos and noticed what fans were pointing out, she probably enjoyed a good laugh herself. Since Kate is known for recycling outfits, we won’t be surprised if we see the green dress again at some point in the future!

Has Kate ever made a fashion faux pas?

Fans all over the world love to copy looks worn by Kate Middleton, with many items that she is photographed in selling out in minutes. So, has she ever made any fashion mistakes in the past? As it turns out, she has! In 2012, at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it was required to wear clothes in a neutral color. Kate must have forgotten this requirement when she got dressed that day, as she chose to wear a bright red outfit that stood out among the other family members. She also regularly wears wedge heels, a look that is hugely disliked by the Queen. Looks like the Duchess is just like the rest of us!

When has Kate nailed her look?

It is certain that everyone can let a fashion mistake or two go by, especially since Kate looks amazing most of the time! Some of her best looks include the dark red coat that she wore on Christmas Day in 2018, as well as the stunning pale blue gown that she recently wore to an event at Buckingham Palace. In addition, Kate looked beautiful in a pale yellow ensemble at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Fans also expressed their approval at the off the shoulder red dress that Kate recently wore to celebrate her mother’s 64th birthday. 

What is Kate’s usual style?

Ever since marrying Prince William, Kate Middleton is one of the most photographed people in the world. Her style never disappoints, as she pulls off a casual look as well as an elegant one with simplicity and ease. Kate is normally seen at engagements in conservative dresses and sophisticated suits that always hit the mark just right! For more elegant affairs, the Duchess is often pictured wearing floor-length gowns along with jaw-dropping jewelry that is fit for a princess.

No matter what, we always admire Kate Middleton’s style, and we always look forward to seeing what style surprises she has in store for Royal fans!