What Other Celebrities Has James Charles Feuded With In The Past?

It has been a week full of drama in the YouTube community.

After Tati Westbrook publicly called out her former mentee, James Charles, in a video, the 19-year-old makeup guru has been faced with a ton of backlash.

James Charles
James Charles | Photo by Amy Sussman/FilmMagic

Though this feud has us on our toes, this isn’t the first time James Charles has found himself involved in other celebrities feud that also rocked the internet.

Zara Larsson recently called James out

In a long list of celebrities who recently unfollowed James Charles on social media amid the Tati Westbrook debacle, singer Zara Larsson unfollowed and revealed some eye-opening information about the beauty guru.

After Tati Westbrook uploaded her video “Bye Sister” to YouTube, Larsson tweeted a clip of Tati claiming James often hit on straight men.

Zara Larsson then explained how James direct messaged her boyfriend and has often commented under his photos on Instagram.

“I’m cackling cause he hit up my boyfriend in the DMs several times knowing damn well he’s straight,” she wrote, later adding: “I feel like deleting this cause I checked and it wasn’t several times, only one DM and some comments under pictures.” Larsson has since deleted the tweets.

James Charles vs. Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard
Finn Wolfhard attends Build Presents to discuss the film ‘IT’ |Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Though this feud was completely unexpected, it sure was interesting to watch unfold.

Back in October 2017, James Charles and a few of his friends went to see the horror film, IT, in theaters.

After the movie was done, Charles took to Snapchat and Twitter saying that it was “already awful” after just five minutes of watching it.

He then went on to share that “this movie is so predictable I’ve been texting @beechloren02 what I think is going to happen next & I’ve been right every single time so far.”

Though he deleted the tweet shortly after posting it, one of the stars of the film had enough time to see it and clap back at the makeup guru.

Finn Wolfhard, who starred in the film and plays Mike in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, replied back to James Charles tweet by asking, “Why are you on your phone in the movie theater?”

James then jokingly tweeted out that he was being “dragged by a legendary child actor.” He soon clarified what he meant by his past tweets.

It was a FANTASTICALLY made movie. I went into it expecting to be more horror & was disappointed when I wasn’t scared. Simple as that,” he wrote.

James Charles eventually made a YouTube video apologizing to Finn and everyone else involved in the making of the film.

He recently called out Ariana Grande

Now, this might be one of the top celebrity feuds James Charles has been a part of, besides his feud with Tati Westbrook, of course.

Back in March, the beauty guru uploaded a video with fellow YouTubers, Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams, doing his makeup.

During the video, Dawson asks Charles who was “the rudest celebrity” he’s ever met.

Without missing a beat, Charles says “Ariana Grande” then begins to explain his less than extraordinary experience with the singer.

Charles recalls going to one of Grande’s concerts in Los Angeles and posting several videos from that night.

The YouTuber then says that Ariana eventually DM’d him, thanking him for coming and showing his support.

“She was so sweet,” he says in the video. “I was like, ‘I love you the most ever in the world!’ Just saying, I don’t have any hard feelings about it, I think she’s so talented. But, she followed me and DMed me…She was like, “I wish I knew you were coming, like, I would have loved to have you backstage.”

A few hours after she followed him, Ariana Grande decided against following someone who was currently facing a lot of backlash on social media.

During this time, Charles was getting a lot of heat from former fans after he made a comment about Africa and Ebola on Twitter.

James then messaged Ariana back asking “I was like, ‘Hey, did I do something wrong?’ And she literally was like, ‘Hey babe, I saw a lot of angry tweets from my fans and I would never want to disappoint them, so I unfollowed.'”

The makeup guru then followed up with a message that outlined his newfound feelings toward the singer.

According to James Charles, his message went something like, “You have a hundred million fans, it’s really disappointing that you would, like, stoop to the level of listening to people bullying me, just to, like, appease them, but okay.'”

So basically, James Charles and Ariana Grande were friends for a hot second before things went south.