What Parenting Advice Should Prince William Give to Prince Harry?

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte | Kensington Palace via Instagram

We’ve seen ample evidence of Prince William and Kate Middleton being exceptional parents to their royal kids. You can’t help think Prince Harry has been observing this and wondering what kind of parent he’ll be when Meghan Markle gives birth.

Last summer, we covered some of the most important parenting tips William and Kate swear by. However, our report was only a small fraction of what the couple will probably do in continuing to raise their children.

What will William impart to Harry about being a good royal parent? It’ll likely go beyond just teaching how to stay down-to-earth.

Remove the stiff upper lip about feelings

If you can think of anything topping the list of revolutionary parenting tips from William and Kate, it’s in making sure their kids stay honest about how they feel.

The British tradition to keep a stiff upper lip about personal emotions is one of the most unhealthiest mental health actions the British ever acquired. While the queen and Prince Philip seem to keep their lips stiff about emotional things, William and Kate taught their kids to open up if they have issues.

Meghan Markle likely already understands this thanks to being from America. However, considering Harry is close to the queen, perhaps he wouldn’t necessarily teach the same to his future children.

To keep the future royals sane, it’s important Harry makes sure his kids express open emotion, including at public events.

Let the kids do regular household chores

Recently, UK’s Mirror reported on Kate teaching Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis one essential household task. She’s teaching them how to cook their own food, which is another revolutionary turn away from the royals depending on help to do everything.

We already know that Meghan Markle likes to stay independent and do her own things. Reports are she cooks for Harry every day in their cottage.

In this case, perhaps William won’t have to tell his brother to allow his kids to at least do their own cooking. After we’ve heard about William and Kate doing other regular home tasks like taking out the garbage and plunging the loo, we can assume he’ll tell Harry to let his kids do the same.

Be able to create polite conversation

Not long ago, we mentioned one of the essential parenting tips for the Windsors is teaching the kids to not sit at the dinner table with the adults unless conversing politely.

As restricting as this sounds, it’s really a good nurturing technique to help them converse intelligently with anyone. The more open the royals become to talking and interacting with commoners, being able to communicate with them on the level is an important life lesson.

After reports of Princess Charlotte liking to snack on olives, maybe she’ll be sitting at the adult table faster than we think. William may give some tips 20 years in advance on how Harry will deal with this.

Have some time alone

One thing William and Kate haven’t been shy about is saying they take time to be away from the kids. Despite being with their kids for as much activity as possible, every sane parent needs to have time away alone for a date.

You can almost count on William giving Harry advice for him and Meghan to take time away from baby madness once more than one diaper starts being changed.

In some cases, it might mean taking a mini vacation to an isolated place to get completely away from the royal life. With Meghan in tow, this could mean Harry and his wife escaping to America…maybe on a beach.

Not that you heard it from us first.