This Is What Prince George Said About Kate Middleton’s Soccer Skills

Kate Middleton and Prince William might be high-ranking members of the British Royal family, but they also know how to have fun. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are huge advocates for spending time outside, and they are adamant about making sure that their three children –Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis get plenty of fresh air each day.

In addition to their playtime outside, Prince George and Princess Charlotte also enjoy numerous activities including tennis, ballet, and soccer. Luckily, Middleton and Prince William also stay active in order to keep up with their kiddos. Unfortunately –according to Prince George, his mom’s soccer, or football skills as they say in the U.K. could use some serious help.

This is what Prince George said about Kate Middleton’s soccer skills

Recently while on a two-day royal tour to Northern Ireland, the duke and duchess headed to Windsor Park Stadium in Belfast. They were there to learn more about the Irish Football Association’s community soccer project. The Irish Football Association works diligently to show how the sport can bring communities together. While visiting the stadium, the royals decided to hit the field.

Though the duchess, who was dressed in some sporty New Balance sneakers, was able to keep up with the schoolgirls she was playing with, Middleton revealed her eldest son’s true opinions about her soccer skills. According to The Telegraph, the pint-sized prince is not a fan of his mom’s sports skills. After seeing her on the soccer field, he told Middleton, “Mummy, you’re so rubbish.” The duchess laughed saying, “I should have picked up some tips from George.” Though Prince George thinks his mum could use a bit of practice when it comes to soccer, he’ll be pleased to know that his parents picked him up a gift during their visit to Ireland. The duke and duchess were gifted green soccer jerseys personalized with each of their children’s names on the back.

What are Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s favorite activities?

In addition to playing soccor –the older royal siblings love to spend a great deal of time outside.  Around Christmas 2018, Duchess Kate Middleton visited some children at Lavender Primary School. She showed the kiddos a photo of her family and said, “This is a photograph of my family. These are my children and this is my husband. And my family makes me feel happy. And we like playing outside together and spending lots of time together as a family. And that makes me feel very happy.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are sticklers for making sure their kiddos get enough fresh air and playtime –no matter the weather.  An insider explained to US Weekly, “As two people who grew up without gadgets for entertainment themselves, William and Kate are firm believers in toys, outdoor play and encouraging an active imagination. They’re very much a normal family.”

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