What Projects Will Barack and Michelle Obama Debut on Netflix?

Just because they aren’t in the Oval Office anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t staying busy. Barack and Michelle Obama have been hard at work since relinquishing the position to President and First Lady to Donald and Melania Trump.

While much of their focus has been on civil issues and ways that society as a whole can improve, they have also set their sights on the entertainment industry. 

The Obamas deal with Netflix

Michelle and Barack Obama
Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle | JIM YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images

In January 2017, President Barack Obama left office, following two successful terms, along with his wife Michelle Obama and their two daughters.

Although many were sorry to see them go, the Obama family assured the public at the time that while they were stepping away from hard politics, they would never truly leave the field of public service.

In the years since then, the power couple has stayed busy, with Michelle and Barack Obama both writing books, making speeches all around the world, and working with various charitable efforts.

This is not to say that the Obamas didn’t make time for fun – the family enjoyed several luxurious vacations and reconnecting with family in Chicago. Even though their daughters, Malia and Sasha, are young adults, experiencing life on their own terms, there’s no doubt that they snuck in plenty of quality time with their formerly presidential parents.

One of the biggest projects that the former first couple has in the works is their deal with Netflix, which was announced in 2018. Their deal with the streaming service would enable the couple to work on a wide variety of programming, designed to reach audiences all over the world.

In a statement, the couple said that while they do intend to raise social awareness with their shows, they don’t intend to create or release anything overtly political. It seems that in this time of divisive politics, their aim is to unite and inspire.

How many shows will release to Netflix?

At the end of April, fans got to learn a bit more about the upcoming releases. Seven different programs were announced, from history-based documentaries such as Crip Camp, a story about the origins of the disability rights movement, and Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents, a series designed for preschoolers that will take children on a trip around the world to learn about food in different cultures and the basics of healthy eating.

Another one of the highly anticipated releases is called “Overlooked,” a series that will tell the tale of deaths that for some reason or another, were not reported in the media. In total, fans can expect to see four series, two documentary projects and one feature film about the famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

When can fans expect to see the projects?

One thing that hasn’t yet been revealed is when the Obamas Netflix shows will be released on the streaming service. Netflix hasn’t yet provided any release dates, and it is unknown whether all of the shows will be released at once, or spaced out over a longer time period.

It has already been a full year since the deal was announced, so Barack and Michelle Obama are clearly taking their time to ensure quality with each release. Most reports seem to indicate that the programs will be spaced out over a period of a few years, and that these initial seven releases are just the tip of the iceberg on what Netflix and the Obama family has planned.

Stay tuned to The Cheat Sheet for the very latest on the Obama/Netflix deal, and when the first shows could make their way to the streaming giant.