What R. Kelly’s Former Crisis Manager Revealed to Dr. Oz About Working with the Star?

R. Kelly remains in custody with his multiple requests for bail denied as he awaits his 2020 trial for the various sex crimes against him. Throughout his legal battle, he’s had a dedicated team behind him that includes lawyer, Steven Greenberg, and a publicist/crisis manager, Darrell Johnson.

R. Kelly
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It appeared that his support system was dwindling when Darrell announced his resignation as the singer’s crisis manager over the summer. He insisted that he continued his support from afar and was not fired from the position. Darrell finally spoke out his time working with Kelly and his team on a recent episode of Dr. Oz

Darrell Johnson resigns as R. Kelly crisis manager 

After months of playing Olivia Pope and trying to redirect attention from the unhinged star’s legal troubles, Darrell Johnson announced his resignation as R. Kelly’s crisis manager in July 2019. This came after Darrell’s bizarre interview with Gayle King and co-hosts of CBS This Morning.

In the interview with Gayle King, Darrell was asked about his decision to work with the embattled R&B star. Things went left after Gayle asked him if he’d leave his daughter alone with R Kelly, trusting her in his care. “Absolutely not,” he exclaimed. “I would not leave my daughter with anyone who’s accused of pedophilia.”

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Darrell scaled back on his comments made to Gayle and claimed that he spoke too quickly. He said:

“Mr. Kelly is accused of that and maybe I should’ve worded it different. None of us are perfect. The only perfect person is God. I didn’t word it right. Mr. Kelly knows I believe in him. I would be more than comfortable with leaving my daughter with Mr. Kelly. If I had to go somewhere right now … when I got back, I knew my daughter would be safe. Accusations are accusations. If I didn’t trust him, I wouldn’t be here.” 

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When asked why he was resigning, Darrell cited “personal reasons.” He later elaborated that it was due to a concern for his cousin.

What did Darrell Johnson say about R. Kelly to Dr. Oz?

It took Darrell months to speak out about the intimate details of working with Kelly during the time he served as his crisis manager. Viewers tuned into Dr. Oz when it was announced that Darrel would be speaking in an exclusive interview to get his take on everything that had been transpiring. 

Darrel also gave a conflicting statement regarding the “personal reasons” he cited before for resigning. He claimed that his mother had a stroke but previously attributed his resignation to an issue with his cousin. 

Darrell Johnson and Steven Greenberg
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Darrell hinted that he is skeptical of the alleged victims’ parents’ motives, saying they the parents too often take to the media to plead their cases instead of working to reunite with their daughters. He also stood by his statement he made on the Gayle King show about not leaving his daughter alone with Kelly, explaining that when asked that question, he was in “daddy mode, not crisis manager mode.”

He contends that he believes Kelly is innocent based upon the time he spent with the singer and what he observed between him and his two live-in girlfriends, which he believes is consensual. “Mr. Kelly is now locked up,” Darrell reminded Dr. Oz. “Who is holding these girlfriends hostage when he is imprisoned?”

What does Darrell Johnson think is next for R. Kelly?

Darrell maintains that he believes R. Kelly is not a pedophile and that he is innocent of all charges. He instead blames the media for blowing the entire case out of proportion. Darrell empathizes with what R. Kelly is going through, saying that the celebrities who once supported him have withdrawn their support as the media attention surrounding the star heightened.

“All of the stars now that are backing off of R.Kelly, these are the same people that were performing with R. Kelly,” he insisted. “When they could make money off of R. Kelly, it was good. Now it’s ‘I have to take my hands off of R. Kelly.’”

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In his interview with CBS This Morning, Darrell expressed his concern for Kelly, telling Gayle, “[He’s] a mess right now,” he said. “He’s afraid, he’s scared, he’s isolated.”

Darrell ended his interview with Dr. Oz by saying that if needed again, he would resume his crisis manager duties with R. Kelly.