What Religion Is Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye have made headlines for many different reasons over the years. Recently, however, they have been recognized for something other than their crazy antics. People all over the world are starting to see that the West family is actually very religious. In January, Kanye West started a musical worship gathering that he calls simply ‘Sunday Service.‘ 

Now that people are starting to see that both Kim and her husband are religious people, many are wondering just what religion they are. Are Kim and Kanye the same religion? What religion are they raising their children in? Here is what we know about Kim Kardashian’s religion.

Has Kim Kardashian always been religious?

According to InStyleKim’s dad was a Christian Armenian. Growing up, all of the Kardashian children attended either a Presbyterian or Catholic school. Klhoé had even written a Lenny Letter about her family’s faith. She had explained that religion was a big part of their family.

“We went to Church every Sunday, religiously. When we started getting older, my dad stopped going to church, but he still read the Bible every single day. Sundays then became about him bringing church into our home. He would play Gospel music – it had so much soul and he loved that.”

Kim has also stated that thanks to her years of Catholic school, her family has developed a strong faith and self-discipline and talks to God every single day. 

“We start our day with a group chat with a Bible verse from my mom and everyone chimes in on the meaning of it,” Kim said in an interview with Vogue.

In 2011, Kris Jenner had also confirmed that the entire family is religious. She had stated that their family may be crazy, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t have a relationship with God.

Are Kim’s children religious?

Being that religion was such a huge part of life for the Kardashian kids, Kim has made sure to incorporate the Holy faith into her children’s life as well. Her oldest daughter, North, and her son, Saint, were both taken to Jerusalem to be baptized.

For North’s baptism, the West family traveled to Armenia for a visit, then they, along with Klhoé Kardashian, went to Armenian Apostolic Church, which was built in the 12th century and is in the Old City. Both Kim and Kanye seemed to take the event very seriously. Kim was dressed in a traditional dress with a white-laced shawl covering the top and the back of her head. Kanye was dressed in all white. 

While they were in Jerusalem, they also took a historic tour that retraced some of the most iconic events that had taken place in the Christian religion. Kim had shared a picture of her, North, and Kanye visiting the place where Mary had taken Jesus to be washed after he had died on the cross. North was very young during this trip, however, it was important to both Kim and Kanye that she learns the important aspects of the religion as early as possible.

Kanye’s Sunday Services

Since January, Kanye has held an event in Calabasas, California that he refers to as ‘Sunday Service.’ Sunday Service is basically where Kanye West combines his spirituality and music to create a moment where people can worship God in a more relaxed setting than an actual church.

On Easter, Kanye took his Sunday Services to one of the grandest musical stages of all-time when he held it in front of millions of fans at Coachella. Kanye had several other artists, as well as choir members and dancers to help him lead a two-hour, spiritual musically-fueled worship session. Some of the artist that sang included DMX and Chance the Rapper.

This event not only seemed to have brought the Kardashian family closer together, but it had also brought together several other artists from other genres. According to the New York Timessome of the people that enjoyed Kanye’s Easter edition of his Sunday Service included Kim, her mother and sisters, Justin Bieber, members of BlackPink, and Jaden and Willow Smith.