What Royal Rules Will Meghan Markle Have to Follow When Baby Sussex Is Born?

Royal family fans everywhere are dying to know anything they can find out about Baby Sussex. Since the announcement that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were expecting, people have been trying to guess, the baby’s gender, name, and whether he will have his father’s trademark red locks. 

There has also been a lot of chatter on whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will stick with traditional royal rules or change things up. Meghan Markle is after all from America, and many things are done differently on the other side of the pond.

The royal family has had many long-standing traditions that have slowly been changing. When it comes to how childbearing is concerned, the customs and rules haven’t changed much. So, what royal rules will Meghan Markle have to follow when Baby Sussex is born? Here’s what we know so far.

The announcement of Baby Sussex’s arrival has an exact order

It might surprise you to know that the queen is the first to find out about the birth. Obviously, everyone in the delivery room will know before Queen Elizabeth, but she will find out before anyone else in the family.

Once she has been notified, probably by Prince Harry, he will be free to tell other members of the royal family. He will then likely call his wife’s family to share the good news.

Once the family on both sides has been told, an official announcement will be delivered to the public through a scryer. An easel will be set up outside of Buckingham Palace for onlookers to read. It will also have the baby’s gender on it. The royal families social media accounts will also share the news with the world.

The world will get their first look at Baby Sussex

Once Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had some alone time with the baby, and some much-needed rest, they are expected to hold a photocall. This tradition has been around for a long time. It’s a way to show or prove that a healthy heir has been delivered. 

Kate Middleton did the photocall as expected after all three births. Rumor has it that Markle is not on board with having her photo taken so soon after giving birth. She may decide not to follow in Middleton’s footsteps, and opt for something for private.

The name reveal comes days after Baby Sussex arrives

When most people give birth, they usually have a name ready ahead of time. When Baby Sussex comes into the world, we won’t find out his or her name until days later. Even if Prince Harry and Markle have a name already picked out, several steps need to happen before the name is officially announced.

For starters, Queen Elizabeth will need time to approve the name. Baby Sussex will likely have four names, one name chosen after a famous royal monarch, and two to three more that honor family members. The queen will also have to approve and select the baby’s title. For example, Kate Middleton’s daughter is named Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. This process might take several days for official approval. 

The christening and godparent selections come next

Commoners might think choosing a godparent is hard enough, but Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will need to pick four godparents before the christening. People have speculated that Kate Middleton and Prince William will be chosen for sure. 

According to Now To Love, Zara Tindall may also be chosen to return the favor. She recently made Prince Harry godfather to her child. After choosing godparents, Baby Sussex will be christened as all royal babies have been.

We might add that so far Prince Harry and Markle, have been different than most royal couples. They are clearly in love and are not afraid to show it. One thing is for sure; the world will continue waiting for more baby news.