What ‘The Good Place’ Fans Should Expect From the Newest Episode

The eighth episode of The Good Place airs on Nov. 14. After last week’s cliffhanger, “The Funeral to End All Funerals” is perhaps the most-anticipated episode of season 4 of The Good Place. This is what fans should expect from the show’s upcoming episode.

The Good Place cast
‘The Good Place’ cast | Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic,

The last episode of ‘The Good Place’ ended with a cliffhanger

The Good Place is known for its unpredictable twists and turns. Every season, the show manages to come up with new plots to surprise viewers. The last episode of season 4 ended on a major cliffhanger halfway through the season.

The premise of the fourth season focuses on the experiment to save humanity and prove that humans are capable of improving even after death. Team Cockroach recreated the experiment from the first two seasons with new test subjects. Instead of being tortured by demons from The Bad Place, the new subjects were given ethics lessons and monitored for improvement.

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The experiment did not continue throughout the whole last season, and there were multiple time jumps. The year-long experiment only lasted 7 episodes. “Help Is Other People” showed the experiment end, but Team Cockroach and viewers do not know if it was successful.

The newest episode of ‘The Good Place’ will hopefully show the results of the experiment

NBC released a brief synopsis of “The Funeral to End All Funerals.” It reads:

“The group awaits the judge’s final decision on the fate of human existence.”

While this synopsis is not much, there are a couple directions the episode could take. Team Cockroach could spend the whole time waiting for a decision from Judge Gen and the episode will end on another cliffhanger before a decision is made. Or fans of The Good Place and the characters will receive a decision from Judge Gen.

“The Funeral to End All Funerals” does not sound like a promising title, but perhaps the title is related to a flashback or something not having to do with the final decision. With six episodes left to go in season 4 of The Good Place, the show could truly go anywhere. While this makes predicting the show difficult, it does make it exciting to watch.

There are two preview clips for the new episode

Even though the synopsis does not give much away, there are two preview clips for the upcoming episode. The first clip of The Good Place shows Team Cockroach right after the experiment ends. Eleanor wants to be reunited with Chidi, but is told that the subjects of the experiment cannot be woken up until after Judge Gen reaches a ruling.

The humans are also told that humans are not allowed in Judge Gen’s chambers. After Eleanor protests, Michael gives her a bottle of tequila and goes to hear the results. In Judge Gen’s chambers, Shawn and Bad Janet meet with Michael. The committee from The Good Place also arrives.

Based on these two clips, it seems like the episode will alternate back and forth between the humans waiting for news at Mindy St. Claire’s house while Michael meets with the committees. For fans’ sake, the direction the show will take will hopefully become more clear by the end of the episode.