What ‘The View’s’ Abby Huntsman Says About Having Twins, and Her Daughter’s Time in the NICU

Abby Huntsman returned to The View on September 3 after being on maternity leave since May. The co-host gave birth to twins, daughter Ruby Kate and son William Jeffrey on June 5. She shared how her new bundles of joy are doing with their 21-month-old big sister Isabel, and how her daughter Ruby needed to have some time in intensive care before coming home.

“The View’s” Abby Huntsman | Paula Lobo/ABc via Getty Images

Double the surprise

Huntsman shared her announcement on the morning talk show in January that she was pregnant with twins. The news surprised her and husband Jeffrey Livingston since they do not know of any twins in their family history and the couple did not use any fertility treatments.

Since the co-host had already been through pregnancy with her daughter Isabel, she sensed something out of the ordinary with her second experience. “I knew something was different this time,” Huntsman told People. “I was actually worried that something was wrong with this pregnancy because I felt sick immediately. I was sick with Isabel, but not until about eight weeks, so I was worried something might have been wrong. When I went to the doctor I was, if anything, just concerned about it. Now, looking back, it makes sense, because I think the hormones were triple what they would normally be.”

Her husband was bowled over by the news of twins – literally. “I think he saw two sacs in there and I could see it on his face. He turned white, and then when the doctor told us, he fell. Another doctor had to come in, and they were wiping him down with towels and giving him sugar,” Huntsman said of her husband. “I was sitting there with my feet still in the straps. I’m like, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m the one that has to physically do this.’ It was just one of those things like out of a movie, but I get it. [As] a dad, I think he’s thinking about the costs of everything and the logistics. Now we’re so excited.”

Baby Huntsman in NICU

Huntsman spoke on the show’s season 23 premiere on how Ruby had to stay in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) for two weeks since her lungs were still developing. The co-host shared her gratitude for the medical staff tending to her daughter.

“The nurses and doctors, as you know, you feel so, so thankful for them. I was going back and forth for two weeks to feed William at home, feed Ruby in the NICU,” Huntsman said, according to People. “I have such an appreciation now for parents who are still sitting in the NICU, still hoping their baby is going to be okay.” Now she reports, “But the babies are doing wonderful and life is hectic.”

Adjustments at home

Huntsman revealed that big sister Isabel is still adjusting to her new siblings, saying she’s been a “nightmare” since the newborns came home. “I love her to death, but she already asked if we can put them in the microwave,” Huntsman revealed. “She opened the microwave and said, ‘Babies, babies.’”

Despite the transitions, Huntsman knows the blessings that siblings can bring. “I’m one of seven kids, and I love being around a bunch of siblings because I think it teaches you independence, and it teaches you how to grow up quickly and also just be a good friend and be a good sister,” she said.

The television journalist shared that parenting is “the hardest job that anyone does because it teaches you such patience,” while also seeing the blessings. “Yesterday, my husband and I were home all day. By the end of the day, I looked at him and we hadn’t said a word to each other,” Huntsman said, according to People. “We’ll get through it. This is just a crazy time. And we’re so, so lucky.”

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