Here’s What Time the Queen Goes to Bed, Plus Her Nighttime Routine

With a busy schedule like the queen, it must be hard to sleep at night. And, although she is reportedly a night owl, the queen does go to bed at a somewhat decent hour — but not before her to-do list is complete. From what she eats for dinner to how she unwinds at night, the queen’s nighttime regimen doesn’t change all that much.

Find out what time the queen goes to bed and how she spends her evenings, ahead.

queen elizabeth at buckingham palace in white

The queen starts her evenings with a gin and Dubonnet. | Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Gin and Dubonnet in the evening

The queen loves her cocktails! Following her afternoon tea time — and some more work — the queen sits down for her second cocktail of the day. She either goes for a dry martini or her favorite gin and Dubonnet with a 1:2 ratio. Bottoms up!

Parliamentary proceedings

In the evenings — usually at around 7:30 p.m. — the queen skims through the day’s parliamentary proceedings. One of the government whips writes the report specifically for her, and she likely sorts through them while sipping her gin and Dubonnet or a dry martini.

Fish for dinner

If it were up to the queen — and it usually is — she would eat fish every day. The Buckingham Palace almost always sources the dinner menu from the royal family’s gardens and farms. It often includes salmon from Balmoral Castle or fish from Sandringham House and veggies, as she prefers a no carb dinner. Unless she has an official dinner or banquet, the queen always eats by herself.

Peaches for dessert

Aside from her love of chocolate cake, the queen keeps a relatively healthy diet. Case in point: She often eats fresh, seasonal fruit for dessert. Some of her favorites include white peaches from the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Official receptions

After dinner, it’s back to official duties. The queen and other members of royalty often host official receptions at Buckingham Palace in the evenings. Sometimes they include dinner, but not always. Receptions usually honor those involved with specific charity groups in the community or kick off overseas visits with the rest of her family.

Queen Elizabeth Meets Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key At Windsor Castle

The queen often hosts receptions or meetings with government officials after dinner. | Steve Parsons/Getty Images


Like many of us, the queen likes to relax by watching TV after dinner (or official receptions). That said, she most-likely never watches The Crown. In fact, her husband reportedly thinks the show is “ridiculous.” Her favorite shows include Downton Abbey and X-Factor. She also reportedly loves movies such as Eastenders and Coronation Street.

Red boxes

The queen visits her famous red boxes — which hold important government documents — throughout the day. That said, she can’t always get to everything inside, so she often looks through whatever is left over before bedtime.

Champagne before bed

The queen starts drinking early — usually around lunchtime — and doesn’t stop until bedtime. That said, she typically has about three drinks a day, including a glass of champagne before bed. With all that work to do, the champagne most-likely helps her unwind and coaxes her to sleep.

She’s usually the last one up

There’s no denying that the queen is one busy lady. Between going through her red boxes and enjoying a glass of champagne before bed, the queen is often the last one up in the palace.

No one can go to bed before the queen

Despite staying up late, the queen must be the first person to “go to bed” when the family is visiting. That means when Harry and Meghan visit, they must wait or the queen to excuse herself before calling it a night. It’s a good thing they now have their own separate homes on some of the family’s estates.

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