What Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Are Eating In Australian Coronavirus Isolation

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) while in Australia. Hanks is filming an Elvis Presley movie, directed by Australian Baz Luhrman. Austin Butler is playing Presley and Hanks plays his infamous manager Col. Tom Parker. Hanks first shared the news on his social media.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Hanks has been keeping his fans apprised of his condition. On Saturday, March 14, Hanks shared a photo of his latest meal leading fans, both Australian and from around the world, to comment on his choice.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are eating vegemite

Hanks’ photo revealed two slices of toast with vegemite spread over both and a simple glass of water. He thanked helpers for taking care of him and wished for others to do the same.

Vegemite is a local Australian food spread made from yeast extract with vegetable and spice additives. Most people know vegemite from the Men Without Hats song “Land Down Under.” They sing that an Australian “just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.”

Fans approve of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’ vegemite consumption

ABC News Breakfast’s Michael Rowland endorsed Hanks’ breakfast.

This user admired Hanks’ commitment to the Australian spread. “Respect to Tom Hanks’ Vegemite game,” he wrote. “I personally would need more butter, but he goes hard and I’m proud.”

ESPN Australia and New Zealand’s Steve Smith hopes vegemite proves to be the cure to coronavirus.

This user wrote, “OMG that’s some HERO level Vegemite spreadage. #Respect”

The Bachelor Australia’s Osher Gunsberg also vouched for Hanks.

Too much vegemite 

This user shared a helpful infographic for Hanks. “Tom,” she wrote. “What are you doing? No Australian puts that much vegemite on their toast.” 

Guardian Astraulia’s Greg Jericho issued an apology.

This user joked, “For the love of God, Australia, he’s our national treasure. Has he not suffered enough?”

This user worried vegemite would be more of a threat to Hanks than the coronavirus. “Tom Hanks is going to die from Vegemite, isn’t he,” he wrote.

Proper vegemite ratio

Users started giving Hanks and Wilson specific instructions for adjusting their vegemite intake. This user wrote, “Okay you need to scrape around 60% of that vegemite off, otherwise it’s gonna be nasty and hurt your mouth friend.” 

Author Jane Caro issued Hanks the proper vegemite to toast ratio:

This user also shared a side by side of proper vegemite spreadage vs. too much vegemite. “Dear Mr. Hanks,” he wrote, “Re: Use of Vegemite.”

This user blamed the “helpers” Hanks thanked for not teaching him proper vegemite usage. “WHERE WERE THESE HELPERS WHEN TOO MUCH VEGEMITE WAS BEING SPREAD ON THAT TOAST???” she wrote.

Rita Wilson
Rita Wilson | Tibrina Hobson/WireImage

This user disagrees. “That is the correct amount of yeast-based spread,” he wrote.

All the Tom Hanks movie quotes

Tom Hanks has been a movie star since 1984’s Splash, so there are no shortage of memorable movie lines and references from his movies. Hanks fans have been quick to cite a few of Hanks’ movies back to him during this crisis. Australian journalist Sally Sara cautioned Hanks against eating too much vegemite, paraphrasing a famous line from Hanks’ movie Forrest Gump.

Australian athlete Dylan Alcott went with a Cast Away joke.

This user went with Toy Story, writing, “You’ll still be living strong To Infinity and Beyond.