What Was ‘A League of Their Own’ Director Penny Marshall’s Net Worth Before She Died?

Actress and director Penny Marshall who starred in the beloved 1970s and 1980s sitcom Laverne & Shirley has passed away at 75. Marshall was a female pioneer in the entertainment industry, and she got her start in Hollywood in the 1960s when she appeared in a commercial for Head and Shoulders shampoo opposite Farrah Fawcett. From there, her career would explode. She would go on to star as the vivacious and feisty Laverne De Fazio on the Happy Days spin-off, Laverne & Shirley before following in her late brother, Gary Marshall’s footsteps to become a bonified film director. Marshall was at the helm of some of your favorite classic films.

Penny Marshall died on the evening of December 17, 2018, in her home in Hollywood Hills, California due to complications from diabetes.

Penny Marshall’s net worth

At the time of her death, Penny Marshall was worth an astounding $45 million. Though she got her big break on Laverne & Shirley, Marshall also had recurring roles on The Odd Couple and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Eventually, she would make her fortune as a producer and director. She would go on to direct massive blockbusters like Big, A League of Their Own, The Preacher’s Wife, and her last film in 2001, Riding in Cars With Boys starring the legendary, Drew Barrymore.

A massive legacy

Gary Marshall — the filmmaker’s late brother who directed films like Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries, and Beaches and created Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley discussed the impact of the show. He said, “There were no blue-collar girls on television Laverne & Shirley debuted were dying for somebody that didn’t look like Mary Tyler Moore or all the pretty girls on TV. They wanted somebody who looked like a regular person. And my sister looks like a regular person — talks like a regular person — and Cindy Williams was brilliant as Shirley.”

At the beginning of her carer, Marshall battled being called homely and unattractive, but she never let that deter her. Instead, she dreamed bigger. She went on to get nominated for several Golden Globe awards for her work on Laverne & Shirley. When she directed Tom Hanks in Big in 1988, she became the first female director to earn $100 million in the U.S. box office.

She also won numerous awards and most recently directed some episodes of the now-cancelled Showtime series, United States of Tara. She also was the narrator for Gary Marshall’s final movie Mother’s Day which premiered in 2016.

A cancer survivor

Penny Marshall was a strong woman and a cancer survivor. When she battled lung cancer in 2010 which eventually metastasized to her brain, before going into remission in 2012, her dear late friend Carrie Fisher stayed by her side the entire time. Marshall was a warrior who never let what people thought of her deter her.

When folks lambasted that she’d gotten her roles in Hollywood because of her brother she said, “I’m sure people thought I got parts because my brother was being nice, and at first I probably thought the same thing. But my brother finally told me, ‘I’m not giving you a job ’cause I’m nice. I’m not that nice.'”

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