What Was Andy Cohen’s ‘Fun Surprise’ At the End of Watch What Happens Live?

Andy Cohen from Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen teased a “fun surprise” at the end of Thursday’s show. His guests were actresses Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer from The Office so was Cohen dropping some tea about The Office?

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Although the show went off without any remarkable craziness, one thing seemed to be a little off. In honor of The Office, Cohen said he invited two office workers from WWHL to bartend. The two gentlemen from information technology seemed a bit uncomfortable on camera as they joked with Cohen about keeping his browser history between them.

But toward the end of the half-hour show, the office workers’ true identities were revealed that had the audience screaming.

They were pretty convincing

As Keelan and Sean from IT, the two bartenders commented that being behind the bar felt a “little different.” Cohen seemed amused with the bartenders and continued to interview Fischer and Kinsey.

But later, instead of doing his usual “Mazel of the Day” Cohen wanted to shine the light on the new series In a Man’s World on Bravo. The show follows women who use special effects and makeup to briefly “become” men and see how they are treated by others.

In the spirit of the show, Cohen reveals that the bartenders are not Keelan and Sean from IT but instead actress Keke Palmer and reporter Sara Haines. The two show photos of who they really are and the audience goes wild. Even Fischer and Kinsey seem shocked.

Palmer and Haines react

After the fun reveal, Cohen asks Haines and Palmer to remove their wigs. Palmer says, “I’ve been trying so hard not to be myself! Sara and I called her mom who said I looked like P. Diddy.” As she talks she continues to remain in character.

Haines says, “My mom was like, ‘I know who that is, it’s one of those rappers.'” Cohen responds, “You both are really hot guys! You really are handsome guys! I didn’t know how this was going to work out. But this is really incredible.”

Cohen wondered what it was like to get into character. “We really felt committed,” Palmer says. Haines says they had walks and had to drop their voices. The two even took classes to become their alter male ego. They were so committed they planned to continue portraying themselves as men for the rest of the day.

What is ‘In a Man’s World’?

Executive producer Viola Davis allows women to explore their lives as men in the series. “With the help of Academy Award-winning Special Effects make-up team, Lou and Dave Elsey, and skilled voice and movement coaches, each woman develops her own alter ego and spends two days living in a man’s world,” according to the show bio. “After their frustration at being disregarded because of their gender, the women are looking to flip the script and experience a day without bias from the very same people who held them back in the past.”

The first episode featured a professional pool player who went undercover as a man. Additional episodes feature other women trying to achieve gender equality in what could be considered a male-dominated profession.

In a Man’s World can be seen on Bravo every Tuesday at 10/9 central.