What Was Kate Middleton like in College, Before Becoming Duchess of Cambridge?

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge

Britain’s Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge | AP Photo/Frank Augstein, pool

Now the public knows Kate Middleton based on her being the Duchess of Cambridge and being married to Prince William. But before that she was a young college girl going on adventures, studying, and dating a prince. So what exactly was she like before becoming the Duchess of Cambridge? Here is everything to know including what has stuck with her from school.

Kate Middleton attended St. Andrews University getting a master of arts degree in art history

Kate Middleton actually started out adventurous by spending a gap year in Chile before going to school. During that year, she was part of a program with sustainable development charity Raleigh International.

She went on to pursue a master of arts degree while she was getting to know Prince William. She supported him by going to his rugby games and the two did other athletic things together. “They were always spending time together, going down to Anstruther to go banana boating or playing golf or going for a walk,” Julian Knight, who is friends with Prince William, said according to CNN. The couple eventually graduated on June 23, 2005.

She was studying Victorian photography

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed in the forward of National Portrait Gallery exhibition of photography called Victorian Giants: The Birth of Art Photography that she studied the subject in school. According to InStyle, she wrote:

This [Victorian] period in the history of photography has long interested me. As a student at the University of St. Andrews, I chose it as the subject of my undergraduate thesis and photographs of children in particular, which feature predominantly within the exhibition, are of real interest to me.

She also added, “These photographs allow us to reflect on the importance of preserving and appreciating childhood while it lasts. Children held a special place in the Victorian imagination and were celebrated for their seemingly boundless potential.”

She continues to use her photography skills

Prince George with baby Princess Charlotte

Prince George with baby Princess Charlotte | Kensington Palace via Instagram

Becoming royalty doesn’t mean Kate Middleton has completely left photography behind. She broke royal tradition by taking the first official photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte together after her daughter was born. The Duchess has continued releasing photos of them. For example, the mother took a portrait of Princess Charlotte on her second birthday.

She founded an all-girl drinking society at school

Kate Middleton must be into wine tasting because she founded a drinking club. According to The Guardian, she founded a drinking society because the other ones excluded girls. The society reportedly didn’t get rowdy and none of her classmates said they ever remember her getting drunk.

The royal’s college years certainly seemed to have shaped her by traveling in her early years, finding a passion for art, and creating new opportunities for women who have been excluded.

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