What Was Princess Diana’s Heartbreaking Tipping Point With the Royal Family?

It is really no secret that Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a rocky marriage. There was a significant age gap, and the two got engaged after only a handful of dates. 

The relationship truly did not seem like it was meant to last, especially since during the engagement interview, Prince Charles admitted that he wasn’t even sure what it “meant” to be in love with someone, while Diana looked off to the side when asked about her feelings for her future husband.

Even so, the couple married in a wedding that most people can only dream of, however, as we all know, they didn’t exactly get their happily ever after.

Even after Charles and Diana ultimately divorced, the world continued to express their love for the princess, as she never stopped spreading her joy and compassion to those who needed it most. So, with all of the drama in her marriage, what was Princess Diana’s heartbreaking tipping point with the royal family?

Three people in the marriage

The Prince and Princess of Wales
The Prince and Princess of Wales | Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Even before Charles and Diana met, he was involved with his current wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Diana, just like the rest of the world, was well aware of the affair, and she did not keep quiet about it, going so far as to confront Camilla about the infidelity.

During an interview, Diana admitted that she felt that there were “three people in the marriage”, referring to the fact that she always knew that her husband’s true feelings were with Camilla, not her. 

Diana’s health issues

Life in the spotlight isn’t easy for anyone, and this was especially true for Princess Diana. As one of the most photographed women in the entire world, Diana had virtually no privacy, constantly being chased by photographers every time she so much as walked out the door.

As part of her struggles with royal life, Diana openly spoke in the same interview about her battle with bulimia and her experiences with the issue of self-harm. There is no doubt that speaking so candidly goes against royal protocol, and although Diana was never one to let anyone tell her exactly what she should do, this was considered her “tipping point.”

Even Prince William was upset

Prince William was very close to his mother and after the interview, it is said that he was extremely upset with her for revealing the personal issues that she did for all the world to know about.

It took a few days before the young prince could speak to her again, as he felt that the matters that she revealed should have been kept private, not broadcast to billions of people.

Was this Diana’s tipping point?

It appears that it was. It was at this point that Queen Elizabeth sent a letter requesting the end of the marriage between Diana and Charles. It seemed as though with the interview, Diana had publicly humiliated the royal family, something that the queen surely didn’t appreciate.

She likely would have preferred that Diana keep personal issues between her and Charles, not speak about them in an interview. 

It wasn’t easy for Diana

Diana was in a truly difficult position. She had been married to a future king, and although her marriage was over, she wanted to continue on with her royal duties just as the world expected of her.

To this day, there is no one who can ever replace Princess Diana, and as we all know, she endured more than her fair share of hurt and heartbreak during her marriage. We will always remember the legacy that she left behind, and celebrate the joy that she brought to millions.