What Was Wendy Williams’ Final Straw in Divorcing Kevin Hunter?

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. First, on the heels of even more infidelity rumors, Wendy Williams served her husband, Kevin Hunter, with divorce papers at work. Twenty-one years of marriage and one child together was not enough anymore, and the talk show host had to make a decision. 

Next, we find out him, and his mistress had a baby together. Now, we learn that he was in fact fired from The Wendy Williams Show. So much drama for one couple it’s hard to know where to start.

What started all the drama in the first place? This is, after all, not the first time he has cheated, and there have been plenty of other reports in the past that suggest he was at times abusive. What made Williams file for divorce now and not 10 years ago?

Inside Wendy Williams’ 21-year marriage

Williams and Hunter have been married since 1997. When they first started dating, he was her manager. Over the years their personal and professional relationship grew. Eventually, they welcomed a son, Kevin Hunter Jr. into their lives. He is now an adult, making the split a little easier without the burden of custody to consider.

For years Hunter was an executive producer on her show. In fact, he was only recently “let go” from the show, according to Page Six. When asked, a spokesperson stated: “Kevin Hunter is no longer an Executive Producer on the ‘Wendy Williams Show,’ Debmar-Mercury wishes him well in his future endeavors.”

Reportedly tensions had grown to ahead while Hunter and producers worked out an exit strategy and compensation. It got bad enough that Williams requested extra security on the set. She was likely concerned about past alleged abusive behavior and didn’t want the situation to escalate.

How is this public divorce affecting her sobriety?

There was speculation that something was wrong with Williams before she decided to take a break from the show. Publicly her fans were told that she needed a break to take care of her health, but privately, rumors that she had fallen off the wagon started to make their rounds.

“All of the recent drama put a huge strain on Wendy and caused her to struggle with her sobriety as she did everything she could to try and save their marriage,” a source told People.

Although no official statements have been released about her sobriety, it is safe to assume that serving Hunter with divorce papers was her way of putting her health first. She also reportedly has a lot of friends by her side right now to help her through the ordeal.

What was Wendy Williams’ final straw in divorcing Kevin Hunter?

It is no secret that she put up with Hunter’s cheating for a long time. So, what was different about this time? What was Williams’ final straw that led to her divorcing her husband?

Well, apparently she got wind that his longtime girlfriend had given birth. Williams decided to hire a private investigator to find out more information. She got all the proof she needed before confronting her husband. He ended up coming clean with her about three weeks ago.

Still, even after he confessed to her that he and his mistress welcomed a baby, he was reportedly shocked that he got served. When he received the divorce papers at work, a source said he was surprised she finally did it.

Now that he is jobless, and he’s lost his meal ticket, we can expect a long, hard divorce. Williams was after all the reason the pair had so much money and success.