What We Know About The ‘A League of Their Own’ Series (It Will Include This Favorite ‘The Good Place’ Actress)

The reboot and revival train is still going strong with news of an A League of Their Own series in development. While it makes sense for any fans of the original to be weary, maybe even a tad cynical, about the news, the people behind it will dampen your nerves. Plus, a new, reliable report hints at a fan-favorite The Good Place actress will be joining the cast, and it might make you want to see it more. 

Tracy Reiner (as Betty Horn) and Megan Cavanagh (as Marla Hooch) reprised their role as Rockford Peaches in the short-lived TV series.
Promotional still from the short-lived ‘A League of Their Own’ television series that came a year after the original movie, in 1993. Tracy Reiner (as Betty Horn) and Megan Cavanagh (as Marla Hooch) reprised their roles | Photo by CBS via Getty Images

Will ‘A League of Their Own’ be a reboot or a sequel to the 1992 movie

Reboots can be hard because rehashing the same material could make for a dull, repetitive story. The best kinds are the ones that can take a similar story or setting and flip it in a new light which is the route Amazon’s A League of Their Own is going

The Mary Sue wrote that the concept of the show revolves around the same league you see in A League of Their Own. It’s the same time period, but it’ll highlight different characters that play ball. Instead of the Rockford Peaches, another team will take center stage. The official synopsis reads:

A League of Their Own is a half-hour comedy infusing the warmth, humor, and DNA of the classic film, while taking a contemporary spin on the stories of the women surrounding the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The show will begin with the formation of the league in 1943 and follows the Rockford Peaches season to season as they struggle to keep the team alive through close games, injuries, late-night bar crawls, sexual awakenings, not crying and road trips across a rapidly changing United States. 

The Mary Sue

Will Graham, who worked on Mozart in the Jungle, is writing the script and will be a co-executive producer. It’s set to debut on Amazon, and Hailey Wierengo is also an executive producer.

The new series will also focus on some blind spots from the original

Another part of the current synopsis states that it will hit on aspects the movie didn’t. “The series dives deeper into the issues facing the country while following a ragtag team of women figuring themselves out while fighting to realize their dreams of playing professional baseball.”

In the 1940s, during WWII, women of color weren’t allowed in the league, so the creators of the original film only put in one scene where Dottie (Geena Davis) interacts with a Black woman. Otherwise, the cast is all white, and the movie doesn’t discuss race. On top of that, it mentioned “sexual awakenings,” so it will go deeper into the “naughty” comments Madonna’s character “All the Way” Mae would make. Maybe fans can even see a queer character or two, too. 

A ‘The Good Place’ actress will join this ‘Broad City’ actress for the reboot

D'Arcy Carden gets on stage at he Vulture Festival in California.
D’Arcy Carden at Vulture Festival at The Roosevelt Hotel | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for New York Magazine

The Hollywood Reporter noted that D’Arcy Carden is in talks to star in this modern take of A League of Their Own. Abbi Jacobson (Broad City) has also been linked to the production; she’s also writing and executive producing too. 

THR also reported that Graham and Jacobson contact Penny Marshall before her passing in December 2018, and Davis, to gain their blessing before moving forward with the project. Considering it’s in development, they must have given an “okay” to go ahead.