What Will Be the Song of the Summer for 2019?

Each summer we look forward to that one song. The one we can blast with the windows down, on our way to the beach, with our hair blowing in the wind. Summer 2019 promises to bring us some of the best mid-year releases yet. But, what song will be the song of the summer?

Which artists are in the running for song of the summer?

BTS | Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

While it is still to be determined what music will top the charts this summer at our barbecues and beach vacations, there are plenty of contenders in the running for the best single of the season. Billboard lists the top songs each week and its no surprise that many of our favorite artists are topping the lists. 

This week in the top twenty we see Ed Sheeran, The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and several others who we hope to dance to with sand between our toes. 

The Jonas Brothers could have the top single this summer

Billboard predicted that the Jonas Brothers might be a contender for song of the summer months ago. When the boys surprised fans by reuniting and producing their single “Sucker” it was certainly not a surprise that it quickly rose to the hot 100 charts.

In fact, “Sucker” is likely going to be the biggest hit of their career. If their success continues throughout the summer it’s probable that they could hold onto a top ten spot. This week, “Sucker” comes in at No.5 on Billboard’s chart. 

Taylor Swift made herself a contender for song of the summer 2019

Taylor Swift released two new singles recently, which makes her music in the running for our favorite pop songs this summer. Her first single “Me” is a happy-go-lucky look at celebrating individuality. Her second single, “You Need to Calm Down” (No. 35 on Billboard’s Pop Chart this week) supports and uplifts the LGBTQ community with both its lyrics and star-studded music video.  

Ariana Grande has some summer-worthy new tunes

Although Ariana had a quiet couple of years, 2019 is proving to not be one of them. She has had a song on Billboard’s Hot 100 for most of 2019. Her first time was with her song, “Thank U, Next.”

Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” also made waves as it started out at No. 2 on the chart, and several new songs from her most recent album have the potential to be her next single. We’re hoping its “Bloodline.”

Could BTS be in the running for song of the summer?

BTS is certainly on top of the world lately. Setting all kinds of U.S. chart records last year the group is working on some pretty impressive stats. With the April release of their latest album Map of the Soul: Persona, there has been lots of interest this spring surrounding the K-Pop phenomenons. It is still a possibility that they could have a hit that rocks out this summer.

There are some outliers in the running too

Billboard has a few other contenders on their list of potential artists who might have a stake in being our hit of the summer.

For instance, the collaboration single “Here With Me” from Marshmello with the Scottish stars of Chvrches is still holding on to the number 40 spot on Billboards pop chart. They’re still lingering on the chart which offers hope that they might be crossing over to popularity for American audiences as well. 

Seventeen-year-old Billie Eilish might also be one to keep an eye on. She currently has single “Bad Guy” sitting at Billboards No. 2 spot for summer success. 

Regardless of who winds up on top, it’s clear we are in for some really great tunes to celebrate our summer shenanigans.