What Will ‘Loki’ Be About and How Will the Disney+ Show Impact the Overall MCU?

While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TFATWS) comes out this week, many WandaVision enthusiasts are already looking forward to Loki…and all the magical madness and mayhem that the God of Mischief guarantees. 

Loki premieres on Disney+ June 11, 2021. The show will be the third Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ installment, yet Black Widow is scheduled to premiere in theaters between TFATWS and Loki. What will Loki be about? How will the events in the show impact the overarching cinematic universe? 

Tom Hiddleston at San Diego Comic-Con
Tom Hiddleston of Marvel Studios’ ‘Loki’ at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2019 Marvel Studios Panel | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

‘Loki’ plot information 

The series will chronicle Loki’s journey in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame — specifically after he steals the Tesseract. The trailer suggests he is soon after captured and transferred to a mysterious organization known as the Time Variance Authority (TVA). 

The trickster then travels through time altering the course of history, in a fashion similar to Forrest Gump (but with a more bad-guy routine). Loki will alter significant historical events in what will reportedly be a super-power-fueled crime thriller.

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Loki is a schemer, and it’s likely he will fake his way through alliances, lie to every and anyone to seize and retain influence, and manipulate his way to a powerful position. 

The show is destined to be a fun ride with a villain (not-yet-anti-hero) in the driver’s seat. Remember: this is the Loki from an earlier period, so his heroic tendencies have yet to fully kick in. In short, he will be the self-serving con artist fans first fell in love with in Thor.

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Different versions of Loki will reportedly come out to play 

Those behind Loki have reportedly cast Sophia Di Martino as a female version of the character. And, recent set photos suggest that she will be playing the God of Mischief herself, yet such information remains speculative. 

Some rumors also suggest that a Young Loki will make an appearance, and he could possibly stick around for future movies. Would a Young Loki — who comes to understand that he could be a good guy instead of a bad guy — possibly be a member of the Young Avengers? Or, will he threaten an up-and-coming team of youngsters, conning his way into the center? 

If Loki travels to previous moments in his individual history — in a separate timeline from the main MCU one — the show could see him alter events from prior Avengers installments in his favor. In short, with time travel at the center, anything (and run-ins with anyone) seem possible.