What Will Meghan Markle’s Maternity Leave Look Like?

The countdown to the royal baby is officially in full swing. While no official due date has been revealed, many believe that the baby could arrive in as little as two to four weeks. As her due date approaches, Meghan Markle is starting to slow things down and prepare for the arrival of her little one.

The duchess’ last royal commitment was on March 11. By all appearances, Markle is officially on maternity leave. But what does this mean? How long Will the Duchess of Sussex be on maternity leave and what will she do on her time off?

The duchess will likely take six months off

According to her schedule, it looks like Markle will be returning to her duties in late October, meaning she will be taking about a six-month maternity leave. If this is the case, this will be longer than any of the three leaves Kate Middleton took after she gave birth to her children. After the birth of her first child, Prince George Alexander Louis, the Duchess of Cambridge took just four weeks off. Her longest maternity leave was after the birth of her third child, Prince Louis Arthur Charles when she took five months off.

According to a royal correspondent, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be attending the One Young World summit in London on October 22. This will mark her first official event after giving birth.

Markle’s maternity leave may be longer than Middleton’s, but it does follow in line with how long Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana took with her children. Princess Diana took eight months maternity leave with Prince William and six months leave with Prince Harry.

Renovations are still underway at Frogmore Cottage

Although the couple was expected to move into their new home this month, it looks like things have been delayed for a few weeks. Architectural Digest reports that the extensive remodel is taking longer than expected. Right now it is unclear whether the remodel will be done before the couple welcomes their new baby to the family.

The cottage was formerly divided into five units. It has required tremendous work to turn it into a single-family residence. The couple has already been busy designing the nursery for their new baby. According to reports, the nursery features gray and white walls which will be painted with eucalyptus-infused paint.

In addition to the last minute renovations getting the cottage ready, the couple is surely busy making sure everything is just right for the royal baby’s arrival. This includes hospital preparations, communications teams, and other last minute details.

The couple does not plan on hiring a nanny

One of the reasons the duchess may be planning a longer maternity leave is because of the couple’s desire to not hire a nanny. This indicates that Markle plans on spending more time with the baby without the extra help.

The duchess will have some help when the new baby comes. Prince Harry and his wife have already invited Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, to stay with them after the birth of their little one. It is unclear how long Markle’s mother will stay with the couple, but she already has a room of her own at the cottage.

In addition to a room for Markle’s mother, the cottage also features a state of the art yoga studio. The duchess integrates yoga into her exercise routine, reportedly practicing yoga at least twice a week. Her mother is a former yoga instructor and inspired the duchess to start the practice. Markle will likely get good use of the studio after the baby is born. An at-home studio will make it easier for the new mom to destress, reenergize, and stay in shape.