What Will Prince Charles Do as King? All the Ways the Monarchy Could Change

With Queen Elizabeth II in her 90s, Prince Charles reign is closer than ever. And, with many years to think about his future role as king — after all, the queen is the longest reigning monarch — the Prince of Wales wants to make some changes. What will Prince Charles do as king? Find out his vision for the future of the British monarchy, ahead.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

What will Prince Charles do as king?

Prince Charles is about to step into the biggest role of his life — whether the people of Britain want him to or not. And while his reign won’t be nearly as long as his mother’s he wants to make some changes that could last even beyond his rule.

Although he will have to wait until he becomes King of England to change certain dynamics and royal family rules, a handful of changes have already been made at the palace. From operations to family matters, keep reading for a look at how the royal family is changing, plus what Prince Charles will do as king.

Prince William and Kate Middleton moved to Kensington Palace

When Prince Charles ascends the throne, Prince William will take on a new — read: much bigger — role. To prepare for the change, he and Kate Middleton have moved their family’s headquarters to Kensington Palace. That way, they are closer to the operations at Buckingham Palace and available for certain engagements.

William quit his job

In addition to moving, Prince William also quit his job as an air ambulance pilot. The job change comes at a transitional time for the family, as both Prince Charles and Prince William prepare for their futures.

Prince Philip retired

Another big change that has already happened? Prince Philip retired last year. While he might still show face at family events — such as Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding — the 97-year-old prince is no longer active in his duties. In fact, he has passed many of his significant roles onto his son and grandsons.

The queen is sharing her duties with Prince Charles

In addition to inherited some of Prince Philip’s responsibilities, the queen has also included her son in some bigger roles. Today, it’s not uncommon to see Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles out on royal engagements and participating in official duties together. Clearly, the queen is trying to prepare her son as much as possible for life after the longest reigning monarch.

The spotlight has turned away from other members of royalty

All eyes are on Prince Charles and his family right now. And, with so many new roles — given to him by the queen — his siblings and their children aren’t in the limelight as much. According to some reports, Prince Charles is doing this on purpose, as he is more interested in creating a “unit” of members closest to the throne (aka, his immediate family members).

Some members of the family must start to make their own money

Speaking of Prince Charles’ immediate family members, they will also likely inherit the current pay system (or some form of it). However, those outside of his immediate family — think: Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, and Prince Edward (to name a few) — might have to make their own money going forward. While some already do have their own funds, Prince Charles seems adamant that the ways the royal family makes its money

The palace could go green

Prince Charles is a big promoter of green initiatives — especially when it comes to sustainability. We wouldn’t be surprised if, in the next decade or so, the palace becomes more eco-friendly than ever before.

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