Revealed: What Witnesses Really Had to Say About Princess Diana’s Death

Princess Diana died very unexpectedly in a car crash on August 31, 1997. Since her death, people have questioned what really happened. Was it an accident or was it something more? Colin McLaren investigates the facts on Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved. The podcast retraces the ins and outs of the case. The most recent episode, “Witness to the Crash,” has listeners learn about key witnesses and what they saw in the aftermath of the crash. McLaren visits Paris with Dylan Howard and Aaron Tinney, along with Pierre, a French member of the paparazzi.

A member of the paparazzi recalls arriving on the scene minutes after the crash

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Pierre was part of the group of paparazzi that were on hand the night Princess Diana’s car crashed. He arrived on the scene just minutes after the crash itself. “I was on one side of the tunnel where I could see the car very clearly,” Pierre recalled. “I could see there was already a couple of ambulances. And I run down the tunnel and I almost entered the tunnel, only just there was a policemen at the entrance of the tunnel who stopped me and pushed me outside the tunnel. I got really within a few yards of the car. So I saw the car and that was my first shock.”

Pierre also told McLaren the car wasn’t smoking. “No, it wasn’t, but you could see the state of the car and it was absolutely destroyed and I was shocked because I had never ever seen a Mercedes in that state, ever,” Pierre added. “Immediately in my mind I said, ‘whoever was in there was dead.’”

He also said the car was turned around at the time. The paramedics were working on someone in the ambulances when he was there. The tunnel was shut down, but there were people who were trying to get a closer look at what was going on, including the media.

An American couple speaks to Colin McLaren about what they really saw that night

Jack and Robin Firestone arrived in Paris around the same time that Diana and Dodi touched down. They also stayed in a hotel near the Ritz where Princess Diana was at one point on that fateful day. They came for a family vacation and were just American tourists minding their own business.

The couple decided to go on a river cruise and were in bumper to bumper traffic around the tunnel right after Princess Diana’s crash. “I looked towards the westbound lane and saw this carnage. The metal of the car just crushed like an accordion,” Jack Firestone said.

The couple saw that there was no westbound traffic at all, but they did notice a few cars on the other side that were parked and would have had to have passed Diana’s car to get to where they were. The windows were obviously tinted, but they couldn’t see anyone inside of them.

They could see the paparazzi at the scene

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

They saw the paparazzi there taking photographs of the accident scene. “These photographers take photos from every angle, I mean, inside the car, outside the car, then one of them would take a photo reaching with his camera inside the car. Flashbulbs going off a mile a minute it was blinding,” Jack Firestone continued.

“At no point did any of us think that there was anybody in the vehicle at that time because it was just absolute chaos there was no protection of the scene at all,” Robin Firestone said.

“As we started to move forward a little bit towards the exit of the tunnel, I couldn’t take my eyes off of this photographer and this scene that I’m looking at it and just still trying to make sense and I said, ‘oh my god there’s a woman in the car and it looks like she’s gotta be dead,’” Robin Firestone continued.

Eventually, it’s revealed that they actually saw Princess Diana in the car. The couple was never asked for statements by police either. There were more than a few witnesses that did come forward that were debunked as fake.

A woman has surprising information

McLaren interviewed a woman who wants to be known as Sabine, who had startling information about what happened after the crash. What she saw with her husband could change everything. They saw a white Fiat Uno that seemed to be hobbling down the road near the crash site. The driver kept looking back behind him, which of course seems suspicious.

“He was zig-zagging. We thought he was drunk. When I looked at the car, there were scratch on the paint of the car,” she said. The white Fiat Uno had visible scratches on it. She says the driver was, “small with short black hair.” She also said he had a dog with him and a damaged taillight. McLaren will continue to try and solve the case as the podcast continues.