What Would It Take for Meghan Markle and Her Father to Make Peace?

Unless you are completely out of the loop, you know all too well the drama Meghan Markle is currently experiencing with her family. Most of the drama is coming from Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, who bashes the duchess in interviews as well as on social media.

Many fans of Meghan have speculated in recent months that Samantha is simply looking for attention, and Meghan is refusing to cave in.

In addition to the drama that is being caused by Samantha, Meghan has been estranged from her father, Thomas Markle, since before her wedding to Prince Harry. She has even gone so far as to send him a letter, which he did not reply to. Chances are, Meghan is extremely hurt, and fans are wondering what it will take for the duchess and her father to make peace?

Thomas Markle did not come to the wedding

Although he was originally planning to walk his daughter down the aisle, Thomas Markle backed out at the last minute. Meghan did not publicly share her disappointment, yet it could not have been easy for her not to have her father at one of the most important events of her life. Prince Charles graciously escorted Meghan down the aisle to her waiting prince. However, Meghan will always wish Thomas could have been there.

Her father shared her private letter with the world

When Meghan sent a letter to her father expressing her hurt feelings, he didn’t keep it between the two of them. Instead, he shared it with the entire world, much to Meghan’s disappointment.

She wrote the letter to try and put an end to the pain she was feeling, and instead, her father chose to betray her trust by letting millions of people in on what Meghan had only meant for him to read.

Thomas hasn’t made any known attempt to stop the drama Samantha is causing

Samantha Markle is Thomas’s older daughter, and she has been telling news outlets that she is close to her father. He is well aware of the intense drama that Samantha is causing for her younger sister, but he hasn’t made any known attempt to try to talk to her and tell her to stop.

This likely makes Meghan feel as if her father doesn’t have any concern for her feelings, something that is making the emotional pain much worse.

What will it take for Meghan and her father to make peace?

All of the ongoing drama has left fans wondering what it will take for Meghan and her father to finally bury the hatchet and make peace. As everyone knows, Meghan is going through an extremely exciting time in her life, as she is expecting her first child with Prince Harry.

Being the compassionate, reasonable person that she is, Meghan would surely like nothing more than to have her father share in her joy. If the drama continues, Thomas is even further hurting his chances at ever having a relationship with his grandchild.

What needs to happen?

Most likely, Meghan is probably looking for a sincere apology. She probably wants to have a heart-to-heart talk with her father, and have him give his word that moving forward, he will keep private matters between the two of them and not speak to the media.

Meghan is likely looking for Thomas to own up to his mistakes, such as staging paparazzi photographs, and express his true remorse for his actions. It would be a wonderful thing for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex if Meghan’s father can be a part of their lives, as well as the life of baby Sussex!