What Would Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Prometheus’ Have Looked Like?

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As the visionary behind District 9, Neill Blomkamp has made a name for himself as anything but your typical director. His unique take on social issues told within sci-fi gives fans of the genre a way to be both entertained and educated. Originally from South Africa, Blomkamp constantly treads that line between advocating for social change and creating objectively good art. All this makes us just a little curious in light of a recent development: His release of concept art on Instagram from a proposed Aliens sequel that would have taken the place of Prometheus had the studio decided not to roll with Ridley Scott instead.

The art itself is insanely well done, with the look of someone who’d spent hours upon hours of his time perfecting. On an unverified Twitter account with the handle “@NeillBlomkamp,” we (allegedly) see the director go through the paces in explaining to us his artwork, why it exists, and how the studio may very well have never been directly involved despite his best efforts.

Despite the studio not knowing, it’s hard not to get even a little excited for a concept that Blomkamp further described on Twitter as a “mental stroll into the world Ridley Scott created.” Based on what he shows us, you can bet we agree. The sketches include things like Ripley wearing a Space Jockey pilot helmet, the return of everyone’s favorite Marine, and the iconic “Derelict” inside a Weyland Corps hangar. The sequence of artwork describes a movie that would have dug into the history of Weyland while bringing back Ripley for another round.

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All this leads us to one simple question: What would Blomkamp’s final product have looked like compared to Scott’s? The first conclusion we can draw is that in the hypothetical sequel/reboot, Damon Lindelof and his frustratingly scattered and mysterious writing wouldn’t be on board for the ride. Following Prometheus, we saw fans left with more questions than answers based solely on the inconsistency of the writing itself, a habit that Lindelof honed to perfection from his time on the aptly named Lost.

A more structured and sensible storyline based less on mysteries and more on discovery would likely have been the defining factor for Blomkamp’s version.

We can look back on his narrative style from movies like District 9 and even Elysium and see a director who balances coherence and action with just the right amount of intrigue. That sort of balance is what made both Alien and Aliens sci-fi masterpieces that defined an era, a vision that seemed to be lost on Prometheus.

All this is of course nothing but speculation based on Blomkamp’s past habits as a filmmaker, applied to a hypothetical concept that may very well have never been close to happening. Even so, the idea of such a director taking on a project of his magnitude is nothing short of exciting.

Rather than putting the franchise back into the hands of its original mastermind, Ridley Scott, we’d see it from a fresh pair of eyes and a fan in Blomkamp. The world may never know for sure what could have been, but now we’ve officially been deliciously teased.

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