What’s Bethenny Frankel Like as a Mother to Bryn Hoppy?

Bethenny Frankel and Bryn Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel and Bryn Hoppy Getty Images/ Jamie McCarthy

Bethenny Frankel has been showing a lot of personal life on Real Housewives of New York for years. But the one thing in her life that she does keep private is her daughter, Bryn Hoppy. So what is she like as a mother? We decided to find out. Here are five things to know about Frankel’s approach to motherhood.

1. Bethenny Frankel doesn’t have a nanny and she’s proud of it

It would be understandable if the businesswoman had a nanny to help out with parenting. But Bethenny Frankel revealed that she doesn’t.

“I’m proud that I don’t have a nanny and that when I am with my daughter, I’m 100 percent with her,” Frankel told People. She continued, “So when I work, I work. And when I’m with my child, I’m with my child,” and “I spend a lot of intense time alone with my kid.”

2. She wants to keep her off Real Housewives of New York

Sometimes the mother will mention her daughter on the reality show. But Bryn Hoppy is never really seen on it for a reason. “You know, the truth of the matter is I think it’s great, I think it’s great that my daughter’s not on the show,” Frankel told Entertainment Tonight. “I really do. I think, you know, the days of me putting people on the show that didn’t sign up for this are over.”

She later added that she doesn’t think the show is appropriate for a child. “I mean, when my daughter was a baby, she didn’t really know what was even going on. But what? You put a microphone on a 6-year-old?”

3. She thinks it’s important to teach the value of a dollar

Bethanny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel | Getty Images/Craig Barritt

Bethenny Frankel has been very open about growing up and things being financially strained. So it’s no surprise that she is all about passing on financial lessons to her girl.

She knows that I value money and she knows that it gets you incredible experiences,” she told InStyle. “I make her express her gratitude, and I want to show her people who are less than fortunate. I think it’s a well-rounded example, and I think that she’s getting it. Her mom works.”

4. She likes going on family vacations

The mogul works hard but she also likes to play hard by traveling the world. The mom often goes on vacations with her daughter to nice spots like Miami, Cancun, and Ibiza.

5. She started Bryn off on a vegetarian diet

The reality star made her empire off of offering a healthier drink option. So it’s probably not surprising that she would be mindful of what her daughter is eating as well.

She previously wrote on her blog that Bryn was on a vegetarian and mostly organic diet at 15 months old. She also explained why she chose vegetarian rather than vegan.

“I chose not to have her be vegan because I believe she needs the fat and protein in milk, and sometimes I need her to fill up on organic cheese,” Frankel explained according to Cinema Blend. “Her health comes first. Also, if she didn’t eat so many beans and good proteins, I might change this approach.”

Chances are fans won’t be seeing Bryn on Real Housewives of New York any time soon. But it is interesting to find out more about the reality star’s family life.

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