What’s It like Working at Disney? Thanks to Disney Plus, We’ll Catch a Glimpse into the Life of a Cast Member

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like working for Disney, now’s your chance. Disney Plus is creating a series about their employees, highlight those in a few unique roles. What is One Day at Disney about? When does the series premiere on Disney Plus? Here’s what fans are saying about this original series and its hardcover book.

Disney Plus announced a new series entitled ‘One Day at Disney’

If you’re a Disney fan, chances are you’ve dreamed of working for the company in some way — some hope to be an Imagineer, some dream of voicing a Disney Princess, others hope to scoop ice cream at Walt Disney World. Thanks to Disney Plus, fans catch a glimpse into the life of a “cast member,” what the company calls their employees.

The series, entitled One Day at Disney, details the lives of a few different cast members and the magic they feel working for Disney. This show will premiere later this year on the Walt Disney company’s subscription streaming service, Disney Plus. Additionally, the stories will be available for purchase in the form of a book.

Which cast members will be featured in ‘One Day at Disney’?

This new series follows the work, and the life, of a few Disney cast members. That includes a senior illustration manager, a few Imagineers, and Marvel Studio’s head of visual development.

That includes a feature on Eric Baker, who, according to Deadline, is “the Walt Disney Imagineer who has overseen the creation of many of the intricately detailed props and lifelike creatures that inhabit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the newest lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.”

A few cast members took to Twitter to poke fun at the upcoming series, saying employees don’t always have a glamorous life. Some Twitter users mentioned the low wages at Disney theme parks recently brought into the public eye by Senator Bernie Sanders. Others asked if the series would highlight cast members who work long hours on holidays.

“Do we get to hear about why Bob Iger makes 1,424 times a Disney employee’s median pay? Do they talk about parks employees having to plaster a smile on their face when in [their] head they’re thinking about how they have to go home and forage for food in other peoples garbage,” said one Twitter user.

“I love Disney. I live ten minutes from Disney World, and I have all my life. I worked at Disney too as a merchandise hostess. And thank God, I lived at home. Would not have been able to make ends meet had it not been for my parents. Maybe instead of making this documentary, you could pay all your workers liveable wages,” said another comment on Instagram.

Star Wars Stormtroopers
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When does ‘One Day at Disney’ come out on Disney Plus?

Disney revealed more information regarding the series at their D23 Expo and on their Instagram account. The stories of One Day at Disney will also be available in a hardcover book, now available for pre-order at the D23 Expo.

One Day at Disney will be available for streaming on Disney Plus on Dec. 3, 2019. The subscription service, Disney Plus, will be available on Nov. 12, 2019.