What’s the One Thing Most Bravolebrities Drop The Most Money On?

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Bravo reality cast members can earn some pretty sweet cash. Some Real Housewives can bank up to $2.5 million per season. Cast members on other shows can make $425,000 per season.

For reality stars (and for most people) earning that kind of money is like striking it rich. Some people like to conserve their dough, whereas others will treat themselves. But not all folks go for high octane spending on all items. From alcohol to cars, is there one thing that most Bravolebs will blow their money on? Bravo wanted to know and polled a number of stars.


James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules claims he used to spend a low amount on alcohol, but now spends more. “But it’s still pretty low since I still work for Lisa [Vanderpump], so I don’t really spend money on alcohol,” he admits.

“Low,” said Karen Huger from The Real Housewives of Potomac. “I’d rather keep my wits about me.” Teddi Mellencamp from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills claims she’s not too picky. If it tastes, good, she’s good.

“I think low,” claims Craig Conover, from Southern Charm. “I don’t know what’s high.” He says he doesn’t drink the cheapest booze, but not top shelf. Then says, “Oh, alright, high.”


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Huger says she prefers to spend more on sunglasses, but, “It makes no sense because I lose them all the time.” Kyle Cooke from Summer House won’t spend the money. “Unless they are given to me,” he says. He too doesn’t want to stress about losing expensive sunglasses.

However, Cooke’s fiance Amanda Batula will buy the cheap knock off versions of the expensive shades, but then still go out and drop some serious money on the real deal. Conover not only admits he will spend a lot of money on sunglasses he’ll likely lose them a few days after the purchase. “The average life of my sunglasses is about two weeks,” he says.


Most Bravolebs won’t spend a ton of money on coffee. Huger asserts her coffee spending is low. “I will not buy a cup of Starbucks coffee.” Conover won’t splurge on coffee either.

But Batula will spend some money on her morning brew. “High. I have to splurge on a good cup of coffee.”


Cooke won’t spend money on fancy water. “I’m a tap water guy,” he says. “Like, gimme a break. Cut it out with plastic bottles, drink from the tap.” Conover too says he drinks tap water. But Batula spends money on bottled water. Except she won’t insist on bottled water at a restaurant to avoid making the entire table pay for her expensive taste.

Huger says she grew up on a farm where you’d pump your own water from a well. “Now they are selling me the water I pumped as a child,” she says. “I have an issue with that.”


Kennedy says he’ll drop some dough on luxurious bedding, claiming his girlfriend likes 3,000 thread count sheets. Meanwhile, Kennedy’s girlfriend Raquel Leviss comments, “I call BS,” in the background. He quickly changes his answer to “low.”

Per usual, Huger is saving her money and won’t spend extra on bedding. She prefers a good mattress overall. Nene Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta likes sleeping in luxury. “I like a high thread count and I like to sleep good.” Conover also prefers to spend money on bedding. But will buy fancy sheets on sale, so he still saves.


If there is one spending area that everyone can agree on it is cars. Every Bravoleb polled in the survey said they’ll spend the cash for a nice ride.

“Cars, high, high, high,” Kennedy exclaims. Conover seems pained. “It was always low because I drove a grandma car,” he says. “I was responsible, but I did just treat myself.” He says he walked into a showroom and just purchased a new Jeep.

Kandi Burruss from The Real Housewives of Atlanta admits she’s spent six figures on a car. Leakes echoes Buress. “I have a Rolls Royce,” she says.

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