‘When Calls the Heart’: Hearties Weigh In on Whether They Are #TeamNathan or #TeamLucas

There’s a love triangle in Hope Valley. 

Last season on When Calls the Heart, two new men arrived in town: mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) and saloon owner Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally). Would widowed teacher Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) fall for either of the two men?

In the season 6 finale, she seemed to have made a choice, asking Lucas to dance at the Founder’s Day Festival. But as Nathan watched from the sidelines, Elizabeth gave the mountie a meaningful glance, suggesting she hasn’t given her heart completely to Lucas.

‘When Call the Heart’ fans choose sides 

We expect the Lucas vs. Nathan question to be a major topic in When Calls the Heart Season 7. So do Hearties, who weighed in on the issue on social media. 

When Calls the Heart superfans recently gathered in British Columbia for the annual Hearties Family Reunion, where they met the cast and toured the show’s set. During the event, the official When Calls the Heart Instagram account shared a photo of Krakow standing between McGarry and McNally with the caption “Well what’s happening here?!” A poster in front of the actors asked “Are you #TeamLucas or #TeamNathan?”

While we don’t have an official count, it seemed like Hearties were equally split between supporting the charming Lucas or the clean-cut Nathan.

Some thought Elizabeth needed to be with another Mountie after losing her husband Jack (Daniel Lissing) in the season 5 finale. “Team Nathan. Sad I have to choose though I want Jack to come back,” wrote one. 

Others pointed out that Elizabeth might not be ready to get involved with another man who could lose his life in the line of duty like her first love. 

“If I were Elizabeth, I’d probably have a hard time giving my heart to another Mountie. So I’m leaning towards #teamlucas,” commented another fan. 

One viewer said they didn’t need to see Elizabeth in a relationship. “I’m fine if she focuses on her career and raising baby Jack, helping the kids of the town, and being supportive of her friends,” they wrote. 

What the ‘When Calls the Heart’ cast thinks 

Erin Krakow in an episode of When Calls the Heart
When Calls the Heart | Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Alan Zenuk

The When Calls the Heart cast has also cast their votes in favor of #TeamNathan or #TeamLucas. During a recent set visit, Entertainment Tonight polled the actors on who they thought Elizabeth should choose. 

Unsurprisingly, McGarry was firmly on #TeamNathan. “Nathan can offer her security and strength…I think Nathan might need Elizabeth more than Team Lucas needs Elizabeth,” he said. 

McGarry’s onscreen rival thought Lucas was the man for Elizabeth. “I feel like I need to root for Lucas at the end of the day,” the actor explained. Castmate Andrea Brooks, who plays Faith Carter, was in his corner. She felt that having Elizabeth choose Lucas offered more in the way of storytelling opportunities. 

“I don’t know if he’s necessarily the better suitor but I think in terms of his character arc, it’s been quite interesting,” she said. “And, he’s got the pocket watch, which is always very dapper,” she added. 

Other members of #TeamLucas include Martin Cummins (Henry Gowen), Paul Greene (Carson Shepherd), Eva Bourne, (Clara Stanton), and Aren Buchholz (Jesse Flynn). 

While many cast members thought Lucas was a breath of fresh air, there was plenty of support for #TeamNathan. Kavan Smith, who plays Lee Coulter, said “I think the show was always about a Mountie and Elizabeth,” so that pairing “sort of rings true.”

Pacale Hutton (Rosemary Coulter) said it was hard to choose between the two, but that she ultimately was leaning toward Nathan. Kayla Wallace (Fiona Miller) felt the same way. Like a good judge, Jack Wagner (Bill Avery) tried to remain neutral but felt that Nathan had a better chance of winning Elizabeth’s affections. 

As for the woman at the center of it all? Krakow said it was hard to choose one over the other. 

“I’m not gonna be a tiebreaker because I’m gonna tell you both! I really think both characters would be good for Elizabeth, for various reasons,” she said. “I also think they’re both risky choices.”

When Calls the Heart returns to the Hallmark Channel in 2020.